8 Perfectly Timed Pictures Which Will Make Your Day

Moments are meant to be captured by our eyes. Well, few can never be forgotten though. So we love to encapsulate them in our gadgets. It all depends on the person’s perspective to take it in a hilarious way or in a serious situation. Bold ones really don’t care of posting such funny pictures. But there are few human beings who always tend to make memes out these pictures. Let’s get into the world of perfection. Here are few amazingly captured perfectly timed pictures which seem to look like they are edited.

She is about to take the leap

When we just thought that clicking a picture near the poolside would be such cool fun what we witness here is something which literally came out of the syllabus a lady who is about to trip now, we wish her well though.

PhotoBombed… A real funny candid!

When we are at a match rarely do we anticipate that the ball would directly come and hit us but this is one of those rare circumstances when this actually happened but she is completely surprised though.

Should I really let her go…?

Was I really careless posing for a picture? I would have been and would surely be so. But there’s always one such friend who would troll you for these kind of stances before they reach you out for help.

Be careful champ

Its pretty strange isn’t it when you are playing a sport but you still want to capture a selfie this is what has happened here the guy is so engrossed in taking a picture that we have to remind him the ball is coming for him.

Get hit by it…? Or rather catch…?

We often gravitate ourselves to get enthralled when we are out for a match. As a habit of almost every homo sapien, we love to show off that we have been to this particular place of amazement. But is it really necessary to boast out risking our life?

Can this be listed as a date goal?

We have seen prettier stuff when it comes to raising a toast on a date but this is something which is right up there on the bizarre list of raising one, we mean who does stuff like this, surely only those who don’t wish to have their date repeated.

Penalty for being a NERD!

An absolute absurdity of advertising. To be appreciated for the vivacious visualisation, this image depicts the skill of a perfectionist in posing, clicking as well as depicting. A way to promote their products and to earn fame, people these days indulge themselves into tough situations and do gain a lot of profit after facing ups and downs.

Companionship worth all the risk for their happiness.

Life would have been on an ease if these wonderful creatures were our better halves. Having them around would always make us insane. But being folly isn’t a sin to gain peace. Find you before you find yourself in someone else. And it isn’t complicated to find a serene life having a companion as deranged as you.

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