Duluth photographer’s drone captures 3 ‘very comfortable’ bobcats

DULUTH, MN– A Duluth photographer’s drone came face to face with three curious cats on the St. Louis River Wednesday.

Mike Mayou captured these stunning pictures and video of three bobcats venturing together on the frozen river.

It appeared they didn’t mind the attention from the drone.

Mayou of Mike Mayou Photogorophy posted his video to Facebook saying, “Yesterday afternoon, as I was out on a photography adventure, I stumbled upon a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Down by the St. Louis River, I noticed a few creatures moving across the ice. After flying a drone over to investigate, I discovered that there were three bobcats venturing together! These cats were very comfortable being up close and personal with the camera, thus this footage. It’s quite rare for humans to see bobcats in the wild, but the drone allowed me to interact with these animals in a unique way. Enjoy!”

As of Friday morning, Mayou’s video has been shared over 4,000 times.

Additionally, Mayou said he’s “purposefully chosen to not answer any questions asking the specific location these were shot at to protect these critters.”

To see more of Mike Mayou’s work, click here.

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