20 Dress Designs That Are So Weird, People Just Had To Share Them In This Facebook Group

Dress to impress or dress to express? Whatever your take is, just do it confidently and own your style! Oh, and if you are into crazy outfits, try not to get featured on the Facebook page ‘You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress’.

The Facebook group has a huge collection of bizarre, not-so-normal, clothes. Check out some of their funniest posts in the gallery below. And if you wish to see more fashion fails or crazy garments, check out our previous post here.

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#2 Oh- Oh My

#3 Is She Coming From A Wrestling Tournament That Took Place In The Mud?

#4 $800 For Old Timey Underwear, Folks

#5 When Ur Creepy Uncle Tries To Tickle You At The Family Reunion

#6 I Want This To Be Camp So Bad But It Just Hurts

#7 So So Many Questions!

#8 Sleeping Bag Inspired?

#9 Even The Designer Knew This Was Horrendous!

#10 I Don’t Even Know What Is Going On But All This Can Be Yours For Only $1,590

#11 This Is From Thom Brown’s Ready To Wear Collection. Did Mickey Mouse Get Drunk And Tried On Minnie’s Clothes Before Getting Into An Bar Fight?

#12 For Sale On Shein. I’m Sure Everyone Will Run Right Out And Snag This Beauty

#13 Btw It’s $1300

#14 Looks Like A Shower Curtain

#15 What Is This Yellow Dress Thing Whatever

#16 Not Hiding Faces Cos This Person Is Famous. Just… Um. Why?

#17 Was Reading A Fb Article. Tons Of Wedding Dresses But This One Takes The Cake

#18 Idk How They Can Call This A Dress…

#19 I Didn’t Cover The Face Bc It’s Lizzo. I Love Her But That Is A Bed Sheet

#20 Somebody Needs To Do A Wellness Check On Louis Vuitton. They Seem To Have Seriously Gone Off The Rails! The Current Collection Swings From Bdsm To Girly, Frilly Baby Doll Dresses

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