Husky runs out of open gate to meet his best friend

Dogs are one of the friendliest animals that there ever was, and there are so many stories you can find about those truly unique friendships. The story we are about to bring you is about a special relationship between a Husky and a Labrador, which is simply incredible, because their friendship is formed without even seeing each other. This can be called an interspace friendship or even a bond in distance.

Messy is a yellow lab, living his human owner Oranit in Thailand. Audi is an adorable husky living in the same neighborhood, and spends most of his time alone, as his human is working most of the day. Audi’s loneliness makes him very sad and anxious. Messy seemed to sense his friend’s anxiousness and sadness and rushes to help him anytime he feels alone. He keeps barking loudly as if to say that he is there, trying to comfort his friend. This seemed to calm Audi down quite a lot.

One sunny day, Audi’s owner forgot to close the gate when leaving for work and the husky took his chance and sprinted out their back yard to meet is friend Messy. As this was the first time they had actually met, the meeting was so touching. Oranit was able to capture this heartwarming moment and later shared it on Facebook.

The two friends greeted each other warmly and gave each other hugs. Being a responsible dog, and not being able to leave his house for long, Audi runs back home. He was truly elated as he was finally able to meet his friend and say hi.

Dogs never fail to amaze us with their kind, loving and caring actions. Let’s hope that one day that these two cuties will get the opportunity to be side to side one day.

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