Mocking Celebrities By Dressing Up Like Them Has Made This Italian Guy An Instagram Rage

He’s young, he’s cute and he’s hilarious to boot! Meet Emanuele Ferrari, lovingly called Emi, whose funny imitations of celebrity photos get his followers in splits. Such is the creative imagination of this Italian in mocking celebrities that he enjoys an enviable following of over 660,000 followers on Instagram alone.

What started Ferrari on this trolling path in 2014, were the ridiculous outfits displayed in fashion shows. Says he, “I noticed how some clothes in the fashion world were really so absurd and, in my mind, I recreated them with material I had at home. So, I decided to open my account and get crazy.”

And crazy he did get and has been getting crazier by the day, what with recreating Rihanna’s red-carpet dress using carrots or the iconic Cardi B’s Met Gala look with rice cakes. Ferrari’s biggest inspirations are the Kardashian family and an Italian blogger called Chiara Ferragni.

Every rendering of his has people smiling and nodding their heads in agreement. What’s great about Ferrari’s creations is he uses only the stuff found commonly in homes.

However, Ferrari is not full time into this trolling business and has to take out time from his university studies. So, how would this celebrity imitation shape up for himin the future? He is candid enough to admit, “I don’t know exactly where all this will bring me, but for now it’s something that I enjoy so much and that I’ve the pleasure of doing.”

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