30 Pics That Prove Museums And Galleries Are Not As Boring As People Think

Many people find museums and galleries boring. Since there’s so much knowledge to absorb and so many rules like no shouting or no running, it feels like going back to school again. But who said people can’t have fun in museums?

Some adults like to just walk around and soak up all the information and creativity that is presented in museums and art galleries, while others tend to find fun factors and humorous things. Today we’ve collected some interesting pics of people having fun at museums. Check out some of the most interesting and hilarious museum moments in the gallery below.

#1 Me And My Girlfriend At The Trick Art Museum

Image source: DecentOpinion

#2 Went To The Museum Of Anthropology Today And I Can’t Unsee

Image source: alphtrion

#3 This Is How To Enjoy A Visit To A Museum

Image source: kirstylkelly

#4 I Spotted This Today At The Cleveland Museum Of Natural History

Image source: hailtothkngbby

#5 Houston Museum Of Natural Science’s Humor

Image source: vinhtrind

#6 Close Enough

Image source:

#7 This Art Completes Me

Image source: Theobesehousecat

#8 “Kevin? What Have They Done To You?” Decided To Spend Halloween At The Museum Of Natural History. Great Decision

Image source: IamChicharon

#9 All The Single Ladies

Image source: zeebee

#10 Took My Daughter To A Van Gogh Exhibition

Image source: Ka_paw

#11 We Put Glasses On The Floor At An Art Gallery

Image source: TJCrudak_vinnnn

#12 Visited The Modern Art Museum Today. Fascinating Stuff

Image source: Not_Joshy

#13 My Local Museum Is Holding A Star Wars Exhibition On The 5th Of December, And To Promote It, People/Staff Are Dressing Up As Characters From The Series And Walking Through Town

Image source: running531

#14 Mr. Bean Has Reach Enlightenment. British Museum

Image source: BummingAbout

#15 I Work In A Museum. This Is How I Spend My Break

Image source: goodeffort

#16 So I Went To A Museum

Image source: JakeMarshall91

#17 Girlfriend And I Enjoyed The Illusion Museum Very Differently

Image source: Hello_Generic

#18 Visited A RAF Museum In Cornwall And Saw This Police Statement

Image source: Sher3et

#19 Abraham Lincoln: Dog Walker (Taken Outside NYHS Museum)

Image source: sruvolo

#20 Went To A Museum Armed With Face App To Brighten Up A Lot Of The Sombre Looks On The Paintings And Sculptures. The Results

Image source: OllyGibbs

#21 A Guest Dropped A Pacifier In The Cypress Swamp Exhibit At The Virginia Living Museum Today. Someone Was Quick To Take Advantage

Image source: fmlmel

#22 Historical Figures Lined Up For Reopening Of Museum Of Gloucester

Image source: Dommlid

#23 My Girlfriend Thought She Lost Me At The Art Gallery Today

Image source: Leuke

#24 Found My Ex In The Natural History Museum

Image source: SimonCowellsTrousers

#25 My Little Cousins Wanted To Know Why The Art Museum Had A Painting Of Their Uncle

Image source: Tina_R_Belcher

#26 Absolute Madlad

Image source: Miexriir

#27 Had An Electric Day At The Children’s Museum

Image source: Mofomania

#28 Guy Visits The Museum Of Illusions Alone, Gets A Museum Worker To Help Him With The Pictures

Image source: its_micAh

#29 My Husband Thoroughly Enjoyed The Science Museum

Image source: rachelmaryl

#30 When I Was 10, I Also Visited The Lamborghini Manufacturing Plant & Museum. My Dad Was A Little More Creative About Taking A Picture Of Me

Image source: pastorofmuppets95

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