30 Reasons Proving It’s A Bad Idea To Give Children’s Coloring Books To @dults (New Pics)

As kids, many of us loved coloring books yet somehow forgot about them as we grew older – but not everyone, apparently. Turns out that some @dults still love coloring books just as much as they did when they were kids – it’s just the way they do the coloring that’s changed. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

Coloring Corruptions is a subreddit where people share the alternative ways they colored coloring books, and as creative as they are, they’re also the perfect proof why giving @dults children’s coloring books is not always the best idea. Check out funny and creepy “coloring corruptions” in the gallery below.

#1 Happy (Early) Halloween!

Image source: Mr_Fuzzyface

#2 M’Captain

Image source: EvilNassu

#3 Mother Of Dragons

Image source: UraniumLucy

#4 My Submission To My Job’s Leprechaun Coloring Contest. Thots And Prayers For Me To Win That Candy Bar Are Appreciated.

Image source: BasicTruths

#5 Happy Little Catnip Bushes

Image source: visk0n3

#6 Don’t Stop Me Now

Image source: UraniumLucy

#7 “Letters Of The Day”

Image source: color_me_bpd


#8 Only The Finest

Image source: MRBityTheHoneybadger

#9 Michonne

Image source: FelineSuppliment74

#10 God: The Original Troll

Image source: irisseca

#11 From A Children’s Bible I’ve Been Corrupting: “It’s Fun To Slay At The…”

Image source: bcurrie

#12 “Fabrosaurus”

Image source: color_me_bpd


#13 Library Had Sheep Coloring Pages Out For The Kids Last Year. Here’s My Girlfriend’s Sheep…

Image source: FnrrfYgmSchnish

#14 Are They Black With White Stripes Or White With Black Stripes?

Image source: roxyloveriley

#15 The New Spider Man Concept Art

Image source: the_llama_caarl

#16 Tomb Raider

Image source: UraniumLucy

#17 I Pray For Danny Devito

Image source: cringelien

#18 Posted This On R/Hufflepuff But Was Told This Would Fit In Here

Image source: lilscizorspizza


#19 My Friend Introduced Me To This Amazing Sub! Here’s What I’ve Got

Image source: Mr_Fuzzyface

#20 Pooh Says “Perhaps” To Drugs. I Finished! Before Pic In Comments

Image source: shutupesther

#21 Bald Eagle

Image source: roxyloveriley

#22 Princess Loves When The Plumber Brothers Visit

Image source: maddisour1996

#23 My Workplace Said To Get Creative In The Snowman Coloring Contest

Image source: BasicTruths

#24 Using The Necronomicon

Image source: visk0n3


#25 Pikachu

Image source: Grapz224

#26 2020 Has Been A Rough Year For Everyone

Image source: UraniumLucy

#27 Pray Everyday!

Image source: squats4jeezus

#28 The Sunsational Spider-Tan

Image source: Son_of_Samus

#29 Found My Friends’ Manga Drawing Book. I Had Fun

Image source: elasticplank

#30 Farmer’s Market

Image source: Bittlegeuss

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