Spontaneous Pictures That Will Cheer You Up

No matter how your day turns out to be, you always enjoy pictures that instantly make up your mood. It might be weird or it may be a subtle they just perk up the whole day, because of its uniqueness. If it is the middle of the week and you are having a boring day you should probably have a dose of weird, whacky but eccentric pictures to scroll through. Looking at these people will definitely make you feel better about yourself.

Yoga Pants

These are the kind of Yoga pants I would never wear, until and unless I want to dress to make people laugh. That way no one’s going to talk to me. A loner forev

Crossdressing is the best!

This is the awesome crossdressing person I have ever seen. He looks gorgeous in that little neon dress. The more impressive thing is that he is so comfortable riding a bicycle.

It is you!

When you know who is messing your life and that is yourself! Oh, I didn’t suspect that one. Nevermind I’ll forgive myself and repeat my mistakes!

Tick on the teeth!

Teeth accessories are so underrated. There should be more people wearing this. They should make it like an award. Like, when you have braces and then gift yourself a tick so that people know you have transformed!

Source? lol!

This is what happens when you mess up with the names of your recipes. That’s definitely the source I’ve been looking for!

Fellas do that too

The look on her face is the universal face of ‘I’m Pregnant’ scenario. It is funny how it goes like. Fella must be in a sh()()ck!

Spider chip cookie

This is the best Halloween cookie recipe. Imagine the horror on children’s face when they’ve already eaten it and you tell them a made up the story of how spiders are alive inside their stomach.

Those are fab!

Someone’s doing her squats seriously! She sure must be proud of it! This is something I would watch in the morning when I open Instagram!

Neigh neigh!

This is the exact depiction of how girls hang around ugly fellas. The horse doesn’t even seem to care what is hanging on its neck. It’s posing like a reputed horsy!

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