Women Subjected Themselves For These 20 Weird Things For The Sake Of Beauty In The Past

We all love to look beautiful and it’s a truth that there are some people who do anything to seem gorgeous, it might be something freakish too. We have heard of many endeavors to form any kind of uncommon conception and process to make women look beautiful in our history. As we all are lucky they all remains as pictures from the past that looks like captures from a horror movie.

Here are some of the things women in the pat used for the sake of beauty from full covering face masks to unusual melatonin removing gadgets.

#1 1920s, Women Used A Full-Faced Swimming Mask To Protect Their Skin From The Sun

Image credit: Hulton Archive

#2. 1930s, French Breast Washer

#3. 1926, In Order To Show That She’s Wearing Stockings A Woman Is Using A Seam Painted Onto Her Leg

Image credit: Fox Photos

#4. 1936, Cliftonville’s Faceless Beauty Contest

Image credit: Austrian Archives

#5. 1938, As Rita Perchetti And Gloria Rossi Want To Change Their Clothes After Sunbathing On Coney Island Beach, They Try Out Their New Portable Bathhouse

#6. Foot Binding, 10th Century Chinese Tradition

Image credit: Jo Farrell / Living History Project

#7. 1900s, Tape Worm Diet

Image credit: Unknown

#8. Freckle Removal A Complicated Apparatus Is Employed Air-Tight Piece Is Used To Cover The Eyes And The Nostrils Filled In Too A Special Tube Is Used For Breathing 1930, You Need To Treat Separately For The Sensitive Parts Of The Face

Image credit: Mansell

#9. 1964, “Ironing” Hair

#10. 1930, In Order To Obscure The Rest Of Their Faces, 10 Contestants In The Miss Lovely Eyes Beauty Pageant In Florida Wearing Masks

Image credit: FPG

#11. 1929, A Perm In Germany

Image credit:  Everett Collection

#12. In Order To Protect Themselves From The Sun, Bathers Wore Clothes Like This Freckleproof Cape Before The Invention Of Sun-Screen In The Mid 1940s The Cape Also Have Built-In Sunglasses

#13. 1931 Ice Mask By Max Factor

Image credit:  International News Soundphoto

#14. The Bra Was Designed To Vibrate While The Person Wearing It At Work And It Is Claimed To Develop And Strengthen The Bust 1971, Brussel

#15. 1940s, Portable Hair Dryer

Image credit: Easyart/PA

#16. 1941, Customers Legs Painted At A Store In Croydon, London

Image credit: G W HALES

#17. 1949, A Suntan Vending Machine Was Used By Woman Tans

Image credit: ahtisham-ahmed

#18. 1930, An Ankle Competition At Hounslow, London Was Judged By A Poli@@man

Image credit: sacredserenity

#19. 17th – 19th Centuries, A Traditional Japanese Sign Of Beauty- Black Teeth

Image credit: Pierre Dieulefils

#20. 1920s Hair Dryer

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