19 Undergarment Rules That We Often Break Without a Second Thought

Our choice of underwear is no less important than our choice of outerwear. It forms our silhouette, and therefore it should fit like a glove. A bra strap peeking out from under your clothes or a translucent print on a bra can destroy your entire look, no matter how fashionable and well-fitted it is.

At Bright Side, we decided to draw your attention to the blunders that are made even by those who believe they know everything about the right choice of underwear. In the bonus section, you’ll see a few basic rules that any woman will find useful.

Visible panty lines

19 Undergarment Rules That We Often Break Without a Second Thought

Kim Kardashian taught us to not be ashamed of wearing shapewear but you definitely don’t have to overuse it: shapewear that is too tight can rub your skin and cause skin irritation. The same principle is applicable to regular underwear too.

1.It’s important to remember that shapewear is not designed to help you zip yourself into a smaller dress. You can count on shapewear to smooth out lumps and give you a sleeker silhouette.
2.The color of shapewear should be chosen to match your clothes.
3.Shapewear can be worn with or without regular underwear. It all depends on whether a gusset and breast support are incorporated into the garment.

Undergarments that are too tight

19 Undergarment Rules That We Often Break Without a Second Thought

Under tight clothing, you should choose undergarments that do not have any decor. Seamless undergarments are your best choice. They have very thin edges that don’t leave visible panty lines, or bra lines.

1.Seamless underwear will be good for cocktail dresses and light summer outfits. Skin colored underwear is suitable for both light and colorful clothing.
2.Thongs simply don’t have the lines to show, making them the ideal panty line-free choice.
3.Another option that will enable you to make your silhouette sleeker and let you wear comfortable panties at the same time, is shapewear.

N* de and black

19 Undergarment Rules That We Often Break Without a Second Thought

It seems that it’s hard to make a mistake when choosing a n* de bra. But in reality, it’s not that easy because there are certain aspects to consider when wearing nude underwear.

1.You should choose only black underwear for black outfits. A n* de bra can be visible through the fabric.
2.The spectrum for neutrality is wide when it comes to lingerie and underwear. It can sometimes be hard to find a color that matches your skin tone. The inner forearm is the truest match to your natural skin tone. Though it’s not critical if your undergarments are slightly darker or lighter than your skin.

High-waisted underwear and low-waisted clothing

19 Undergarment Rules That We Often Break Without a Second Thought

High-waisted clothing is back, and you should take this into account when choosing your underwear. High-waisted panties can correct your figure where necessary.

1.High-waisted panties are the right choice for high-waisted trousers, skirts, jeans, and shorts. If you choose low-waisted underwear, they may squeeze your hips and draw attention to your body’s imperfections.
2.But if you choose low-waisted pants or a low-waisted skirt, your panties should be low-waisted too so that they are not visible above the waistline.

Visible bra straps

19 Undergarment Rules That We Often Break Without a Second Thought

Visible bra straps can ruin any look. That is why it’s rare to see celebrities with visible underwear on the red carpet.

A strapless bra is the best choice if your breast size allows it.
For V-neck dresses and tops, there are many options for bras with adjustable or removable straps.
If you need a bra for a racerback tank top, you can use a special clip that connects the straps in the back.

Sleeve armholes and a bra

19 Undergarment Rules That We Often Break Without a Second Thought

Wide and low sleeveless armholes can be tricky but, if you love this style, there are a couple of secrets.

Choose a silicone bra with transparent straps and a transparent underband. This way, your bra will support your breasts but won’t be visible.
If you’re dressed casually, you can wear a decorative camisole in a matching color. But please, no lace!

A bra and a low neckline

19 Undergarment Rules That We Often Break Without a Second Thought

Evening dresses or summer outfits are often backless or have low necklines. To look gorgeous in them, you have to choose the correct undergarments.

If you wear a backless dress, an adhesive invisible bra will be your best choice. This model doesn’t have straps, but can work like a push-up bra if it has laces in the front.
For a low neckline, you need a special model called “plunge.” Its underband is located very low and because of that it’s not visible.

Colorful underwear with a contrasting print

19 Undergarment Rules That We Often Break Without a Second Thought

Colorful undergarments with a print are not an everyday option because they are hard to combine with clothing. However, wearing only black or nude underwear can get boring. Here are a few rules you shouldn’t forget about if your wardrobe is full of colorful lingerie sets.

It’s best to wear a bra with a bright, contrasting print under clothing made of thick fabrics.
It’s not recommended to wear colorful panties under light-colored pants and skirts unless you want to attract a lot of attention.

Bonus: A few basic rules of wearing underwear

It’s recommended that you replace your panties every 6 months. They become stretched out during this time, and can also become the source of bacteria and infections.
French underwear consultants recommend buying new panties every time you go to buy a new deodorant.
You should have a few panties that match one bra because they wear out faster.
Hand wash your lingerie, this way it will look brand new longer.

What other mistakes do you often see when it comes to underwear? Tell us in the comments below.

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