Expectation Vs Reality: Why One Should Try And Avoid Buying Dresses Online

We are living in the age where buying stuff online has become a necessity. We have become so busy in our lives that most of us do not prefer driving down the store and selecting stuff for ourselves! We’d rather select it online and save ourselves a trip. But these are the prime examples of why you should avoid purchasing stuff online!


now we know there is a definite difference between what you see online and what you get but the degree of that difference is something that is in Question right now. When the difference is so massive, you get nothing but disappointment in exchange of all the money you paid!

Amazing dress

I like the awkward smile on the face of this lady who bought this dress which by the way was looking stunning online. Unfortunately, not so good offline!

Prom Ruined!

This woman’s prom is very royally ruined all thanks to the not so perfect dress that she received from her online shopping. Can you even trust online stores anymore?

And the Disappointment Continues

The product that this woman received is laughable to say the least. Wait a minute, is she wearing it wrong? It can’t be because the cuts visible in the online photo are missing in real, Wow!

That Smile

The smile of this woman says that she is yet optimistic about somehow using this dress but we really doubt it!

The Difference!

This photo always shocks me. Above in this post we discussed the importance of of the degree of the difference in the dress that you see online and that you receive after ordering. This should not be the difference by any means!

Moneys Not Worth!

So after looking at the pictures, it is safe to say that this woman did not get the color that she ordered or the fitting that she must have opted for! Moneys not worth!

By Herself!

It’s really great news that some people know how to sew and fix their dress because buying a dress online is not even worth it. We are happy for this woman! She yet doesn’t have those glitters though!

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