20 Unique And Unusual Maps You Won’t See In Your Geography Textbook Shared In This Online Group

Do you still remember the boring geography lessons from high school and the hours you’ve spent memorizing the names of rivers in countries on the other side of the world? Don’t know how about you, but I still get flashbacks each time I look at the world map. However, today we have something that will prove to you that geography can actually be pretty fun!

Turns out there’s a whole subreddit dedicated to unique and unusual maps that you wouldn’t normally see in your geography textbook. From animal migration routes to the longest railroads, check out a collection of the most interesting maps you’ve probably never seen before in the gallery below!

#1 To Increase Local Tourism, Lithuania Has Made A Map With Magnets That You Can Only Find In Corresponding Cities

Image source: greycoconut

#2 Tracking Of An Eagle Over A 20 Year Period

Image source: HDeo950

#3 An Image Of GPS Tracking Of Multiple Wolves In Six Different Packs Around Voyageurs National Park Shows How Much The Wolf Packs Avoid Each Other’s Range

Image source: john3806

#4 When A Band Announces A World Tour

Image source: esloubro

#5 Occupied Bald Eagle Nests In Wisconsin. 1974 vs. 2019. Growth Credited To The Clean Water Act

Image source: zstahowiak

#6 Cheese Map Of Europe

Image source: dazzledvulture

#7 Japan, How Big It Is In Reality?

Image source: c0urso

#8 The Earth Being Centered On Great Britain Is Arbitrary, So Here’s A Map Centered On New Zealand

Image source: ParadoxicalCabbage

#9 The Longest Possible Train Travel In The World

Image source: matias90

#10 50 Percent Of Canadians Live South Of The Red Line

Image source: midlleeastcelts

#11 Roads Either Side Of The Border: Finland vs. Russia

Image source: AJgloe

#12 The United States Of America: Alaskan Perspective

Image source: Pariahdog119

#13 List Of Countries Mentioned Or Referred In The Bible

Image source: Erik_John09

#14 Each Section Has 10% Of The World’s Population

Image source: AppleBiryani

#15 Where Penguins Are Found Naturally In The World

Image source: cheeseface35

#16 North America Animal Migration Routes

Image source: expatdoctor

#17 3D Render Topographic Map Of Europe

Image source:

#18 Size Comparison Between Australia And The United States

Image source: AJgloe

#19 Locations Johnny Cash Claims To Have Been In “Ive Been Everywhere”

Image source: DaTingGoesSkraaa

#20 World’s Smallest Country vs. Largest Building

Image source: neilrkaye

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