20 Examples of Unsafe and Impractical Things Designed by Architects, as Reported in This Online Community

While some architects design hospitable and considerate buildings to make everyone’s lives simpler, others don’t give a damn about people’s safety. Some architects have a tendency to overlook the “practicality” component of things in their pursuit of aesthetic and pleasant design.

The r/Architecture subreddit posts images of bizarre and hilarious engineering and architectural creations that, when you think about them, don’t seem particularly safe. Check through the gallery below to see some of their finest postings.

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#1 All These Houses Are Connected By A Pool

Image source: Starlord2047

#2 Bruh

Image source: abyigit

#3 Just Don’t Swing It Side To Side Too Much

Image source: TraumaticAcid

#4 Mural On The Back Of Acme Incorporated

Image source: jabbett

#5 This Staircase

Image source: whitae

#6 What Was Their First Idea, Stairs Made Made From Piles Of Rusty Nails?

Image source: jonmpls

#7 Almost Pulled A Michael Scott While Delivering Groceries Today

Image source: Samxvalle

#8 You Don‘T Need To Be Drunk Anymore

Image source: Zerfallsgesetz

#9 “Stairs”

Image source: Mod-Bait69

#10 Construction Of The Hindenburg- Yes, Those Are Ladders

Image source: TheBirdman532

#11 This 1930s Design Let You Hang Your Baby Over The Side Of A Building In A Cage

Image source: Honeyontoast123

#12 Skyslide At OUE Skyspace In Los Angeles, CA | An Outdoor Glass Slide That’s Attached To The Exterior Of The U.S. Bank Tower. The Skyslide Is 45 Feet Long, About Four Feet Wide And Made Entirely With 1.25-Inch Glass. Visitors Glide From The 70th To The 69th Floor. Now Permanently Closed

Image source: wikipedia_it

#13 Train To Machu Picchu With A Balcony

Image source: robotevil

#14 Internal Staircase For People Who Like Every Trip To Be An Adventure, And No Longer Have Children

Image source: MightyTribble

#15 These Urinals Where You Can Look Out To The Street. Windows Aren’t Tinted At All So You Can Also See In. Even Has A Sink On Top Of Each One

Image source: Starlord2047

#16 These Obstacles Are Almost Invisible On The Bike Lane

Image source:

#17 What Kind Of Stairs Is That Even????

Image source: Lolammo

#18 I Always Wanted A Treehouse

Image source: deadburgerboy

#19 Emergency Exit Looks Like Emergency By Itself

#20 A Footbridge With Knee-High Sides

Image source: MaxPowerzs

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