20 Times, Designers Failed and Produced such Ridiculous items that Users had to Publicly shame them Online

Have you ever seen something that seems oddly designed and wondered what the creators were thinking? There are a lot of designs that are so plainly silly that anybody can detect the flaws with a quick glance, yet the designers nevertheless manage to create those things despite the problem.

#1 Ordered This Badge For My Girlfriend, Which Was Made From My Proposal Photo To Her. Didn’t Quite Go As Expected…

Image source: redditboy123451

#2 Ho Ho Ho!

Image source: supermak12

#3 Realistic Human Head Motorcycle Helmet

Image source: mostafaakrsh

#4 Our Values

Image source: Alan229

#5 The Holes Inside My Chili Flake Pot Are Not Big Enough For Any Of The Pieces To Fit Through

Image source: MyUsernameIsNotLongE

#6 Save Money Using The Same Guy

Image source: anything_346

#7 “Hello, P0l1c3? I’d Like To R3p0rt 1nd3c3nt Exposur3!”

Image source:

#8 Cr**per Sofa

Image source: pkkballer22

#9 I Don’t Think This Is The Best Place For A Basket

Image source: JunkGamer23

#10 Rooftop Toilets

Image source: RecyclingExtraSoft

#11 Virgin Mary

Image source: LeftChoux

#12 This Deeply Satisfied My Inner 13-Year-Old Not Gonna Lie

Image source: GenericWhiteGuy0815

#13 If Only There Was A Cheaper, Aesthetically Pleasing, More Natural Way To Get Shade

Image source: VollCity

#14 Made In China

Image source: FriendlyStory7

#15 Watch That First Step

Image source: JustTheWriter

#16 Oh Shoot!

Image source: benlikesmarvel

#17 Buzz Is Very Happy To See You

Image source: kleinergruenerkaktus

#18 Happy Independence Day America!

Image source: suupernovae

#19 Nightmare Fuel

Image source: No-Bowler2894

#20 Eat Kids

Image source: Which_Astronomer645

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