20 Times Wedding-Related Things Were Shamed In This Online Group

Weddings are supposed to be fun and it’s meant to make people happy. However, more often than not, it becomes a whole mess of family dr@mas, br1dez1llas, and weird relative t@ntrums. Still, this tradition goes on!

Some people manage it quite well but many fail at planning weddings or making other wedding-related decisions. A subreddit called “r/WeddingShaming” is an online community that sh@mes every horrible wedding-related thing they come acr0ss. Scroll below to witness some of the cr@z1est wedding-related posts shared in this online group..

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#1 I’d Be Tripping All The Way Down The Aisle!

Image source: kellymt316

#2 Came Across This On My Feed. Really Not Sure If It’s A Joke Or Not But Felt It Fit Here

Image source: tylerdaichi

#3 Indoor Fireworks Before First Dance

Image source: movingtocincinnati

#4 Couldn’t Have Chosen Any Other Day?

Image source: summerboothang

#5 Fake Unsuccessful Wedding Shaming. Technically Not A Wedding But

Image source: ladylaiana

#6 My Cousin Sent This Along With Her Wedding Invitations… I Will Not Be In Attendance

Image source: ScaredNapkin

#7 And They Say Romance Is Dead

Image source: Desoxiribonuclein

#8 My Friend Went To A Wedding Where They Had A Guy Handing Out Martini Olives In A Bathtub Full Of Olives

Image source: devmikale

#9 I Paid For The First Slice After It Was Announced On The Day We’d Be Helping To Pay For Their Cake!! Apparently Didn’t Count For The Second

Image source: Unlucky_Low_6254

#10 Shame On That Couple! Don’t Do An Uberpool On Your Wedding Day

Image source: goldenboy2191

#11 The Groom’s Idea Of Dressing For The Occasion

Image source: margnaheglish

#12 Plantation Weddings Were Contentious Enough Already

Image source:  kinda_questionable

#13 Cringe Cake Topper, Not To Mention The Fondant

Image source:  amysmithers

#14 Some “Interesting” Guest Fashion Here

Image source: polong

#15 Umm… It’s A No From Me… Serial K1ll3r Themed Center Pieces For Halloween Wedding

Image source: Sulleys_monkey

#16 “Without Sounding Like I’m Expecting Something?”

Image source: notsosure21

#17 The Father Of The Bride Couldn’t Find Anything Nicer To Wear For Their Special Dance

Image source: cold_toast

#18 Animal Abuse! What A Nice Way To Celebrate Love!

Image source: sunshine320159

#19 Couple Cancels On Photographer Within 90 Days Due To Photographer’s Facebook

Image source: bikebuyer

#20 I Went To A Wedding Where The Bride And Groom Hated Vegetarians

Image source: peedidhe

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