After Seeing These Funny Frontals, You Can Never Look At Birds In The Same Way Again

Pictures of birds can be difficult to take sometimes because of their rapid reactions to any sound around them. If you are able to take some good shots they usually have ben in portrait, but photographer Ruurd Jelle van der Leij has been adding a different series to her collection of bird pics. She started collecting frontals of birds after she realized how different it makes the birds look, and she has been doing that for over ten years. Some birds start to look like angry birds, some funny or even ridiculous.

Frontals also allow you to create unusual compositions, from a photographic point of view. “Less is more” works great with frontal birds. Here are some of the pictures from Leij’s big collection which will give a whole different view on birds after seeing their frontals.

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#1 Short-Eared Owl

#2 Spoonbill

#3 Red-Breasted Goose

#4 Black Stork

#5 Marsh Tit

#6 Great Egret

#7 Wood Pigeon

#8 Lesser Black Backed Gull

#9 Great Bittern

#10 Waxwing

#11 Red Kite

#12 Common Whitethroat

#13 Kingfisher

#14 Hawfinch

#15 Long-Eared Owl

#16 Robin

#17 Magpie

#18 Bearded Tit
#19 Grey Patridge

#20 Bluethroat

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