30 Times People Got Sunburns That Are Painful To Even Look At

Summer is here! It’s time to take a vacation to decompress. Is there anything even better to go to than beaches and swimming pools to get rid of the hot, sticky feeling? The weather is ideal for swimming, but remember to use sun protection. Put sunblock on.

However, you are aware that the fact that it is still summer will remain unchanged even though you are not going swimming. The best recommendation is to always use sunscreen when you are outside. If you don’t, you’ll become as terrible to look at as these 30 folks who had severe sunburns.

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#1 At My School This Skiing Goggles Tan Line Was A Status Symbol

Image source: TigzyWigzy

#2 I Got Sunburn Yesterday

Image source: technoviking_onigiri

#3 Throwback To That Time My Backwards Hat And Lack Of Sun Cream Resulted In A Hat Imprint Being Burnt Onto My Forehead

Image source: mr_g_f_a

#4 Very Sunburned

Image source: neonixdub

#5 I Got A Temp Tattoo, Got A Sunburn, And Got This Imprint

Image source: 0zzyking

#6 Ripped Jeans Sunburn

Image source: mcbridemc23

#7 That Helmet Strap Tan Line Though

Image source: bikepsyke

#8 My Dad’s White Feet And Tanned Legs. He Wears The Same Shoes Everyday

Image source: G-radicus

#9 I Have One Small But Gross Blister On My Back And My Whole Body Aches

Image source: hiiiibaaats

#10 I Wore A Mesh Hat On A 30 Mile Hike. Feeling Like Aang Today

Image source: jurz90

#11 The Tan Lines On My Feet

Image source: dramignophyte

#12 My Brother Works Outdoors, And Wears The Same Hat Every Day

Image source: LivingInColor8

#13 Working In An Outdoor Vaccine Clinic. Didn’t Think About Sunscreen… Now I Have A Mask-Shaped Sunburn, But Only On Half My Face

Image source: thatwillnotsuffice

#14 I Bought Some New Shorts That Are Shorter Than My Other Shorts For Work. Now My Leg Looks Like Neapolitan Ice Cream

Image source: chet-

#15 I Probably Should Have Covered His Whole Back In Sunscreen And Not Just His Moles

Image source: joss_coad7054

#16 Is There A Chemist Open This Evening In Abersock Or Pythelly?

Image source: SetCheshire

#17 Fishnets Turned Me Into A Human/Snake Hybrid

Image source: Anahell

#18 I’m A Solar Roofer, And We Are Required To Wear Gloves While We Work… It’s Only May

Image source: ItsJustGrandpa

#19 Went Out On A Boat Without Sunscreen Today And Now I Have What I Am Calling “The Bib Of Pain”

Image source: Whitefence227711

#20 Ran The London Marathon A Couple Of Years Back. Think I Missed A Bit With The Sunscreen

Image source: mikeszabo20

#21 Tan Lines Are Hot, Right? When You Forget To Put Sunscreen On Your Feet

Image source: BobHopeLives

#22 “I Don’t Need Sunscreen, I’ll Just Wear A Hat”

Image source: JAH_1315

#23 My And My Coworkers’ Tan

Image source: Beans-n-egg

#24 Less Than An Hour In The Sun, With Factor 50 And Factor 70 All Over Me

Image source: inkwitxh

#25 Got A New Job Where I Have To Wear A Uniform And Gloves While Working Outside, Now I Look Like This

Image source: Arxtix

#26 Leave It To A Ginger To Get Sunburnt Fishing Off The Bank When It’s In The High 50’s

Image source: ehunley71

#27 Our Tan Lines After Cycling Across The United States

Image source: caliborntravel

#28 Tanned A Bit Too Much While Wearing Shoes. Kids Call Them My Chimp Feet

Image source: vectorious1

#29 I Managed To Make Almost A Perfect Straight Edged Rectangle On My Back With My Haphazard Sunscreen Application. I Am Not Accepting Hugs At This Time

Image source: bradley_viking42

#30 My Crocs Tan

Image source: Skintoodeep

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