23 Clothing Designs That Are Too Much for Us to Handle

The world of fashion continues to evolve and amaze us on a daily basis. Its purpose is to make individuals, particularly ladies, appear more appealing. However, some designers take this responsibility too seriously and produce masterpieces that may be nominated for the “weirdest piece of apparel” prize.

Hmmm! What?

Are those h@ndcuffs or high heels?

Ni@@ly buttons…

Dust Cleaner !

Another version of a deity with many arms

No More Leaky Socks

At the very least, you’ll be able to sleep whenever you choose.

Is there a deeper meaning to this dress?

Is there anyone else around?

A cockroach-shaped pendant. You don’t want one, do you?

What about a pendant shaped like an eyeball?

Should you wear a br@ or not? That is the issue.

For the ultimate cat lover:

A ph1los0phical design:

A bag that you can milk…

Which of these designs took your breath away the most? Tell us about it in the comments section!

Preview photo credit Rebecca Catherine Smith/ Instagramsarapls/imgur

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