This 16-Year-Old Boy Knew He Wanted To Be An Artist Since He Was Just 2 Years Old

Dušan Krtolica is a 16-year-old artist from Serbia who creates intricate pencil drawings of both real and mythical animals. Even though the artist is still young, he has plenty of experience under his belt – more specifically, 14 years of it.

The artist started drawing when he was just 2 years old and says it is his greatest passion. He finds inspiration in nature and is fascinated by animals and their diversity as well as their ability to adapt to different environments. Throughout his career as an artist, Dušan already had 6 solo exhibitions, participated in TV shows and even written and published an encyclopedia of the prehistoric world when he was just thirteen.

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Dušan’s parent enrolled him in art school when he was just 4 years old

The artist standing next to his works in 2011, when he was 8 years old

Dušan with his drawing at 9 years old…

…10 years old…

…and 12 years old

“The Labors of Hercules” – a drawing the artist did when he was 13 years old

Check out more of the young artist’s works in the gallery below!

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