30 Pictures Showing How Fake Instagram Photos Can Be

Some people appear to be enjoying the ideal life based on their Instagram photographs; they are consistently traveling, driving fast automobiles, and indulging in delectable meals while looking their best. You could think, “Man, I wish my life was so perfect.” The “perfect” individuals in the photographs aren’t actually all that great; in most cases, the final product is the result of some smart camera angles, superb lighting, and copious amounts of Photoshop.

A subreddit called r/Instagramreality is all about exposing the fake photos people are posting on social media. Te@@ible photoshopping, betraying shadows and even fake clouds – it seems that there’s nothing some people wouldn’t do to look better on Instagram.

#1 That Cloud Wont Leave Her Alone..

Image source: your-missing-mom

#2 A Strong One

Image source: mr_kord

#3 Good Old Fashioned Facebook. These Are Going To Give Me Nightm@res

Image source: posey98

#4 Going Hiking

Image source: Muppy

#5 He “Travels” The World And He Has His Own Personal Fence Following Him Around The World

Image source: Purple_Lamas

#7 Don’t Doubt It

Image source: seemesometime

#9 Same Day Comparison

Image source: franklyfranka

#10 People Really Think They Can Photoshop Themselves Ten Pounds Lighter And Then Walk Out In Public Like No One Will Notice

Image source: EvalynHTX

#11 Spotted On Twitter

Image source: LoveSicKWAR

#12 Her Booty Just Melts Into The Seat

Image source: SweetJazz25

#14 All Her Pictures Look Like This

Image source: kentucky_bunny

#15 Not Insta But… I Can’t Even…

Image source: sinmantky

#16 This Sub Summarized In A Picture

Image source: MaddieThePie

#17 I Started Paying Attention To The Clouds Ever Since I Saw The Post On Here..

Image source: Snugglepuff1

#18 Sm()()th Cr@@minal

Image source: snowinginthesmoke

#19 I’m Literally Te@@ified

Image source: Joce7

#20 When You Facetune Your Skin To Oblivion But Forget To Adjust Your Claw

Image source: savage0ne1

#21 How Do You Breathe With A Nose This Thin

Image source: shrinkingbabe

20 Hilarious Instagram Vs. Reality Collages By Thai Model Vienna Doll (New Pics)

#22 Me On Instagram vs. When You Walk Into Me At The Supermarket

Image source: GoldKatana

#23 This Hurt My Eyes

Image source: ichabod28

#25 100% White Swedish Influencer (Bl@ckfishing)

Image source: modudupup

#28 He Looks Like A Cgi Character. I Honestly Thought That’s What This Was, But His Whole Ig Is Extremely Edited Like This

Image source: austinpurrs

#29 Found This Titled: “Turn From Incel To Chad”

Image source: zombiekiler1001

#30 The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Image source: Garden_Jose

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