30 Things That Are Absolute Truths, But No One Wants To Admit That They Are, As Shared In This Online Group

Sometimes, we deliberately choose to ignore certain things or facts because they are difficult to accept. However, deep down, we know that it’s something we can’t run away from, and reality can be gruesome sometimes. As someone wisely said, “You can’t always control what happens, but you can control how you react.” And you have three ways to go about it. You may opt to ignore it, embrace the lesson or let the situation consume you. And although the best solution is obvious, it’s always easier said than done.

Some time ago, a Reddit user shared a question of unfading relevance to society. They asked, “What is an absolute truth that no one wants to hear?” And thousands of people leaped on the thread to reveal the hard-to-swallow truths they know are correct but actively try not to think about. Below, look at some of the most eye-opening yet harsh truths that Redditors had to share. What is an absolute truth you’re unwilling to accept? Let us know!

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Image source: _kartikeytripathi_Anete Lusina

You are always replaceable.


Image source: northsouth261Israel Andrade

Just because you’ve been doing something longer than other people doesn’t mean you’re better at it (driving, job role, sports etc)


Image source: corrado33Chris Chow

“You can achieve anything you put your mind to” is NOT true.

Not even close.

Genetics play a HUGE role in whether or not someone will be a good athlete, or a super successful scientist.

Can you be an “OK” athlete if you try really hard and practice really hard? Sure. Will you break world records or play for a professional team? No. You have to be especially gifted in the genetics department to do those sorts of things.

The same thing applies for mental pursuits. Not everyone is smart. Some people just don’t… get it. You can try a million different ways of teaching a subject and some people just… won’t… get it. Critical thinking (the ability to see a problem and visualize how to get a solution) comes MUCH MORE EASILY to some people than to others. Can you sit there and memorize things and get good grades and whatnot? Absolutely. Will you ever be a scientist who does extremely important research and solves the world’s next huge problem? Probably not, unless you get hired because of nepotism are dragged along by someone who IS good at critical thinking.

Furthermore, much of what you CAN do is limited by who you know. If you’re rich or your parents are rich and they know lots of people and have a large social network or a lot of people who want to please them for one reason or another, you’ll likely find a job in whatever career you want to extremely easily provided you’re not totally inept. If you’re the first in your family to get a degree and aren’t good at maintaining a social network you’ll likely have an extremely hard time finding a job, even if you are the person best suited for the jobs you are applying for. Even if the job you’re applying for is LITERALLY what you spent 5 years getting a PhD on, if you don’t know somebody, you likely won’t get that job.


Image source: gummycherrysRon Lach

Sometimes, you are the toxic person


Image source: 6675636b5f6675636bPavel Danilyuk

Everyone you love will die. Everyone you hate will die. Everything ends.


Image source: Planarian171Jonathan Chng

There is always someone better than you


Image source: mlo92895Alexander Mils

Money can actually make your life happier.


Image source: -dingbat-Alina Kurson

You can’t love someone into loving you


Image source: booksoverpplAdrian Swancar

Everyone’s a hypocrite. Even you.


Image source: BobSacramantoAYKUT AKTAŞ

Life is easier for attractive people.


Image source: joculatorNiklas Ohlrogge

We don’t know everything and probably never will.


Image source: CrustyTowelRui Fernandes

Your friends and family likely talk tons of s**t about you behind your back


Image source: UnovaboyMART PRODUCTION

That people need to stop putting their trust in god to do things and do it themselves


Image source: oyuno_miyumiAndrew Neel

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sometimes good things happen to bad people.


Image source: LemmeLarooLi-An Lim

Things are going to keep getting worse on our planet and we are in for some serious human tragedy.


Image source: ohnomyglasseyeSome Tale

Just because someone is related to you doesn’t mean they are a good person.


Image source: GreedenceMatt Johnson

Voting Trump out of office won’t magically fix everything. He is a symptom of a bigger disease here in the USA.


Image source: tappytapsNatalya Zaritskaya

Your spouse/child/home/job/vacation, etc. is not nearly as important to anyone else as it is to you.


Image source: Big_Muff_Pieessica Da Rosa

You need to have your views challenged.

Being around and positively engaging with people who disagree with you is one of the healthiest intellectual practices we can do.


Image source: animeweebgrillKetut Subiyanto

That there are people who won’t like you or agree with you and you won’t be able to change their mind so you just have to deal with it


Image source: anonDeva Darshan

No matter how nice you are, people will still just be assholes to you just cuz.


Image source: anonMetropolitan Museum of Art

Americans don’t want to hear that Columbus murdered and enslaved people.


Image source: MrM0ndayKatie Montgomery

You aren’t special.


Image source: PhilosofriedKristin Wolff

Having an opinion doesn’t make you right.


Image source: anonMilan Popovic

Just because you love someone doesn’t mean they will love you back. No matter how hard you try to get them to, they just won’t.


Image source: fib16Gabriella Clare Marino

Corona may never go away and be in our lives forever in some capacity.


Image source: BiggChimpinPiron Guillaume

All children are innocent, but they’re not all good. Some people will grow up to be f*****g assholes regardless of what they’re exposed to.


Image source: PunchyPractitionerDan Meyers

There’s going to be a day where you are totally forgotten by everyone.


Image source: amynivenskaneRune Enstad

No one really gives a s**t what your eyebrows look like.


Image source: N1ght_ShadeH2HOESBudgeron Bach

No-one wants to hear your shitty music in public, especially in class.

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