People Are Fighting Boredom With Funny Quarantine Signs (40 Pics)

No matter how dull being stuck in quarantine can sometimes appear, people are doing their best to keep their spirits high. And what better way to do that than by having a good laugh.

While some people are occupying themselves by sorting out beach trash or painting Warhammer miniatures, others are creating hilarious quarantine signs that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. From funny social distancing instructions to witty church signs, check out the best quarantine signs in the gallery below!

#1 He’s Got A Point

Image source: MilkyChast

#2 Strict Dad

Image source: Joy-Chris Martin

#3 My Parents Wouldn’t Let Me In… Something About “Not Being On This List”

Image source: AZGraybill12

#4 Anyone, No?

Image source: chaosphile

#5 The Sign At The Pizza Place I Go To

Image source: matt_CHRIST3NS3N

#6 My Local Shop Putting Up Signs Of 2011 Memes Due To The Lack Of Toiletpaper

Image source: BrohemianWrapsody

#7 Columbus, Oh

Image source: dangwha

#8 If You Have To Work, You Might As Well Enjoy It

Image source: captaincaaveman

#9 She Held Up A Sign In Her Window Saying She Needs More Beer, And Before Long She Was Suprised With 150 Cans Of Her Favorite Ale

Image source: darrenrovell

#10 While Updating A Bathroom, I Left A Surprise Under The Floor For The Next Remodeler

Image source: aarontminded

#11 My Sister Sent Me A Picture Of My Newborn Niece For My Birthday, Since I Haven’t Been Able To Meet Her Yet

Image source: mags387

#12 No Gloves

Image source: geniusgza1

#13 The Church In My Town Makes Me Laugh On A Weekly Basis

Image source: kjpoyner

#14 Quarantine Is Going Well In My Neighborhood

Image source: furrygreencurry

#15 Advice From God

Image source: Dreamba

#16 Spotted This In My City

Image source: DiscordDonut

#17 Saw This At The Dog Veterinarian Today

Image source: steenlys

#18 My Town’s Example Distances For Social Distancing

Image source: blinker1eighty2

#19 The Joys Of Working From Home

Image source: 4musing_User_Name

#20 Free Cure

Image source: Rksta8

#21 We Are Living In An Unforeseen Circumstance

Image source: BlueWoof

#22 Saw This On My Walk Today

Image source: countryroots

#23 Sun Ray Keeping It Real

Image source: cheesemoose

#24 My Neighbors Front Lawn Dad Joke

Image source: MistressDrey

#25 My Township Has Some Funny Business Owners

Image source: jgibs2850


#26 Stayin’ Alive

Image source: KarenKnoeb

#27 Gentlemen’s Club In My Hometown For The Covid Sign Win

Image source: jugbandfrog

#28 Days Since Pants

Image source: hoosiernamechecksout

#29 Just Stop

Image source: dudewithsign

#30 I Saw This At My Local CVS

Image source: BaconPancake62

#31 Poor Kid…

Image source: yourpantsaretoobig

#32 Truth!

Image source: tinrinca

#33 Not Bad, Not Bad

Image source: winklereli

#34 Message From God

Image source: tglnyc

#35 Keep Your Distance

Image source: Dutchie_86

#36 Welcome To Canada

Image source: tractornucleareactor

#37 Love The Sense Of Humor Of This Sign Owner

Image source: djak

#38 In The Spirit Of The Quarantine Season, I Decided To Have A Little Fun With My Pressure Washer

Image source: redwolf1017

#39 Day 7

Image source: posterstock

#40 My Neighbors Front Lawn Dad Joke

Image source: JulesGirth

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