30 Times Instagrammers Were Caught Editing Their Pics In Ridiculous Ways (New Pics)

If you frequently use Instagram, you most likely know how ridiculously fake some of the pictures that get shared there can be.

Econ 101

What She Lacks In Calves She Makes Up In Shoe Size

Photographer’s Page vs. Model’s Page

Whitest Teeth In The West

We’ve Got Another Member Of The Pea-Head Squad. His Head Compared To His Hands…i Can’t

When Blurring Your Wrinkles, Don’t Forget To Blur Your Reflection Too…

Every Post Is This Weird Forced Laugh Pose And Soullessly White Eyes

Skin Texture, We All Have It

Someone Needs To Come Take Their Moms Phone (In The Comments She Swears She Didn’t Edit)

This Sri Lankan Influencer Photoshoped African Elephants To Her Photo. There Are Only Asian Elephants In Sl. All The Elephants Are Photoshoped

Those Proportions Though

No Cuticles, No Pores, No Texture

When Your Eyes Are So Piercing, They Burn Holes In Your Hair

I Physically Recoiled When I Saw The Eyes

Guys, I’m Scared

I Don’t Even Know Where To Begin. With The Ass? Or The Clipart Wine Glass?

Pants For Stick People

I Don’t Know Where To Start

Chinese Online Shopping Mall. Yeag Chinese Are Crazy For Being Tall And Long Legs. No Need To Explain More

Same Girl All Photos

What In Tarnation Is This???

Someone Photographed A Chinese Celebrity And Showed What She Truly Looks Like Without Photoshop

She Doesnt Have Nose

Badly Editing Yourself Into Famous Locations Is Easily One Of My Most Hated Igr Trends

1.2 Million Followers Btw

Shooped So Hard That It Looked Like They Cant Even Move A Face Muscle

When Your Friend Only Gets Half Face-Tuned

No Actual Trees Were Harmed Will Creating That Tiny Waist

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