39 People Who Surprised Us With Their Unique Genetics

It’s no secret that all of us are unique in our own way but there are some people whose unique genes make them stand out from the rest. It could be an interesting birthmark on their arm, different colored eyes or even an extra set of digits – sometimes Mother Nature is just full of surprises.

People are sharing photos of the unique genetics that make them stand out and we’re pretty sure some of them will surprise you. Elf ears, weird bellybuttons and even extra ear holes – see it all in the gallery below! And if you want more, check out our previous post here.

#1 Little Girl Born With A White Patch Of Hair Which Is Exactly The Same As Her Mum’s

Image source: Caters

This unique hair pattern is caused by condition known as Poliosis, or poliosis circumscripta.

#2 My Son’s Amazing Birthmark

Image source: Gurje

#3 Look At The Eyes Of This Kid. He Has A Condition Called Waardenburg Syndrome

Image source: faray_official

#4 Vitiligo Affecting One Side Of A Man’s Face

The condition in which the skin loses pigment is called vitiligo. It affects around 1% of people worldwide and it’s still not entirely sure what causes it. Michael Jackson was one of the most famous celebrities affected by this condition.

#5 I Think You’ll Like My Eye

Image source: Sorranne

#6 Zhang Hongming Suffers From Rare Congenital Giant Pigmented Nevus, Commonly Know As Giant Furred Moles

Image source: bobbydigitalFTW

#7 My Friend’s Iris Is Split In Half

Image source: Szymon Podubny Photos

This double-colored iris is caused by a condition known as sectoral heterochromia.

#8 Uncombable Hair Syndrome Is Real: There Are Only About 100 People In The World Known To Have This Genetic Condition

Image source: shilahmadison

In an interview with Bored Panda, Celeste Calvert-Yin, the mother of the girl in the picture, Shilah Madison, said she found out about her daughter’s condition by accident. “When Shilah was in hospital for a small operation, the doctor asked if we knew about her condition. We had no idea,” said the mother.

Celeste says that Shilah’s daily hair routine is “long and painful” and that they have to minimize brushing to a minimum as the girl’s hair tends to break from the roots.

#9 My Sister Is A Ginger And Has Heterochromia. A Genetic Masterpiece

Image source: sturgio_garcia

#10 I Have Elf Ears

Image source: fairylegal

Could this be Legolas’ long-lost sister? Okay, I’ll stop now, this person has probably hear plenty of Lord of the Rings jokes before.

#11 Customer Came In And Let Me Take A Picture Of Her Hands That Had 6 Fingers On Each

Image source: Designer_Drugz

Do you think manicures cost more for this person?

#12 I Have A Condition Caused Distichiasis That Causes My Eyelashes To Grow In Multiple Rows

Image source: nisambredli

Wow, some people actually pay big money to achieve this look!

#13 Half Of My Face Has Vitiligo

Image source: v_mariie

#14 Sometimes People Stop In The Middle Of A Conversation To Stare At My Eye. Wonder Why

Image source: Nira_kawaii

When asked if she could see out of that eye, the original poster responded with “I can actually see better from that eye than from the other, I have had glasses all my life and my vision was pretty bad as a child, but it got better with age”. She even included some photos of the pupil expanded!

#15 I Was Born With Blonde And Brown Hair

Image source: Mother_of_Bambi

#16 My Belly Button Attracts A Lot Of Comments

Image source: Swirlxx

Honestly, it sort of looks like a cinnamon roll and is kind of making me hungry – is that wrong?

#17 I Have A Ring Of Brown In My Eyes

Image source: excynimphica

#18 My Height Is Not High, Only 151cm, But My Toes Are Inexplicably Long

Image source:

Those aren’t toes, those are foot fingers!

#19 I Think My Thumb Is A Bit Too Big

Image source: BeardedGlass

There are people who like things and then there’s this guy who LIKES things.

#20 I Was Born With 12 Fingers And Toes. All Fully Functional. Here Are My Baby Pictures

Image source: FORTYACR35

Oh man, buying gloves and toe socks must be a pain.

#21 Our Daughter Has Different Colored Eyelashes

Image source: ashkei

#22 My Ring And Middle Fingers Are Connected

Image source: NTOOOO

#23 My Daughter Was Born Polydactyl On One Hand With Two Thumbs. I Think It’s Rad

Image source: LucipurrHortler

#24 I‘ve Been Told My Peace Sign Is Unusually Wide

Image source: Paulpr0

That’s not a peace sign, that’s a peaaaaace sign!

#25 This Person Has An Iris Growing Over A Pupil

Image source: alexioding

#26 I Naturally Only Have Eyelashes On One Eye

Image source: benibensch

#27 I Have Two Uvulas

Image source: TicoTube

#28 My Son Was Born With Coloboma In Both Eyes

Image source: Taylor_Satine

#29 I’ve Known For A Few Years That I Have An Extra Hole In My Ear But Today Was The First Time I’ve Had Someone Take A Picture So I Could See It

Image source: dr3wzy10

#30 My Eye Has A Stripe Running Through It

Image source: russelljohnson13

#31 I Was Born Without A Little Finger On My Right Hand

Image source: fm369

#32 This Person Has A Thumb With Three Phalanges Instead Of Two

Image source: Surgeox

#33 My Pinkie Was The Only Finger To Get Numb When Working Outside In The Winter

Image source: Chimlerr

#34 The Way My Coworker’s Knees Bend

Image source: joseycuervo

#35 My Husband Has A Rare Genetic Mutation That Causes His Fingernails To Grow Inverted

Image source: TorchIt

“He inherited this trait from his mother, and she inherited it from her father. For decades they thought it was just a quirk of their family tree, but recently our newborn daughter screened positive for a primary immunodeficiency,” said the Reddit user who posted the picture. “Changes to the FOXN1 gene cause this along with low T cells and other problems with the thymus. Children grow out of the immunodeficient side by age 2, but the nails stay like this for life. They’re called “spoon nails”.”

#36 My Neck Skin Is Stretchy Enough To Allow Me To Suck On It With No Hands

Image source: Zen100_

#37 This Stripe I Have On My Left Iris

Image source: CrazyQueen502

#38 I Was Born With 3ish Toes On My Right Foot

Image source: darbel

#39 My Friend Has Double Toes

Image source: gasp1324657980

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