55 Daughters That Look Freakishly Identical To Their Moms

We all know the phrase ‘Like mother, like daughter’, but until now we have never quite understood its meaning. We all take after our parents, one way or another, but the physical resemblance can sometimes be shocking. These daughters are spitting images of their moms, and some of these pictures will make you look twice. It seems like there’s a mirror between them, and it looks like we are seeing one and not two beautiful women. We have gathered some amazing mother-daughter duplicates that will blow your mind. So, next time when you say that you look just like your mom, think again! It can always get worse. Or better. It depends on how you look at things.

Big Little Family

Of course, we have to begin with a celebrity! And who better than Reese Witherspoon and her beloved daughter, Ava Phillippe. Their resemblance is ridiculous, just look at it! We can’t tell who looks better and more beautiful; mother or daughter. They are both stunning, but we are worried only about one thing. Does Reese even age at all?

Who Is Who?

Let’s move on to another clone on our list. Now we have the honor to show you Demi Moore, and well apparently one more Demi Moore. Their resemblance is mind-blowing, they really look identical! Demi’s daughter is as gorgeous as her famous mum, so maybe one day we can see her on big screens as well. Fingers crossed!


OMG! Can we please have whatever they are having in order to be forever young? Firstly, try to guess who is the mum and who are the daughters in this picture? No way, right? Let’s solve the mystery; the mother is in the middle, and she is 63. The daughter on the left is 36 and the other one is 41. One more time we just have to say OMG!!!


Let’s just admire these clones for a second. Ok, now we can tell you that there’s a 23-year difference between these two ladies. And yet again, we cannot tell who is younger and who is older. Believe it or not, the mother is on the right, and we have to ask her just one question- Where are your wrinkles? What did you do with them?


You have to be kidding us! How is this even possible? We know that genes are unpredictable, but it seems that they can do wonders. They look like triplets, but actually one of them is their mother. That is the ‘girl’ on the left and she is 45 years old. Yep, people. 45! She must have had some mysterious potion; we don’t have any other explanation.


OK, stop it! This must be a photoshop, that is the only explanation. But, to our surprise, this picture is as real as it can be. So, one more time we have two sisters and one mother who looks like a sister. Are you confused? Trust us, we are too! Spoiler alert- mum is the one with the bun!


Shweta Bachchan Nanda is an Indian author, and even though she doesn’t look like it, she is 45 years old. Next to her is her daughter Navya Naveli, a younger version of her famous mother. They are both beautiful ladies, and we believe that they are commonly mistaken for each other for obvious reasons.

Two for One

We dare you to find ten differences between these two women. Go ahead, try it! We think it is impossible. These two look like they are twins, but in reality, they are mom and daughter. It is hard to believe in that, but trust us, we would never lie to you. Maybe we can even find their birth certificates…


The gene game is very strong here! Do we even have to explain why? Also, don’t worry, everything is ok with your sight, just these two are like two peas in a pod. You can only notice a slight age difference, but their facial features are identical. Their freckles are just too adorable.

Double Trouble

OK, stop everything you are doing! We need to talk about this picture! Call an expert, because someone has to explain to us how this happened. These two women are practically the same person, YET, they are not. They are mother and daughter, and apparently, time has nothing on them. Unbelievable!


Just when we thought that we had seen everything. But boy we were wrong. One more daughter-mother duo, and it is almost impossible to tell them apart. They are even wearing the same clothes, which makes our detective job way harder. If we had to guess, we would say that the mother is on the right. What do you think? Who is who?

One Plus Four

Is cloning allowed, but we just don’t know it? This lady has four daughters, and there is only one thing we can say with certainty- who the youngest is. Now, brace yourself, we are about to tell you who the mom is. The one on the right, who looks like she is their age. Once again, we are amazed.


As far as this picture goes, we are not sure about anything. There is no way that we can guess who the mother is, and who the daughter is. We don’t even want to try to make an assumption. They are crazy identical, and right now we are questioning our common sense. There must be some magic involved, otherwise, this is insane.


Genes work in a mysterious way! if you don’t believe us, then this picture is living proof. This mother-daughter combo is spectacular, and even if we didn’t know otherwise, we could guess that they are family. And the thing that gives them away the most is their smile which radiates even through the image.

Say That Again

We all know that Asian women are famous for their flawless skin and graceful ageing. Yet, this one is too hard to bear! Because, believe it or not, in this picture you can see mother and daughter. No, they are not two high school friends- there’s a big age difference between them. Our minds are about to explode!


Ok, be honest, and tell us would you ever guess that these two are mother and daughter? Because we wouldn’t! it is shocking that the one on the left is old enough to be a mom. But apparently, she is. Now we just have to admire her youthful appearance. They probably ask her for her ID when she goes out to the club.


Is anyone trying to trick us? If not, this resemblance is incredible. It is normal for a daughter to look like her mother, but this is just too much to handle. We have to stare at this pic to try to determine who is who. And even after a few minutes, we are not sure that we have made the correct choice. So, we will need your help with this one.

Strike a Pose

This woman (whoever she is in this picture) gave birth to her mini-me. Just the mini is not that young anymore, and now she looks just like her mother. She is old enough to pose with her for a magazine and to share her beauty with us. This is the perfect moment to say ‘Like mother, like daughter!’. This picture is everything!

Be Fit!

Maat Petrova (the one on the left) is a fitness trainer, and with her are her three daughters. One thing is for sure, they all look amazing. Their beauty is undeniable, and they are all very fit, which is not strange considering their mother’s profession. But what shocks us the most is Maat- just look at her wrinkle-free face. She is a real trooper!


Mother and her twin daughters. Even though the mother looks like she is their sister, the reality is different. Their blue eyes are their biggest attributes, and we cannot stop staring at them. Honestly, their resemblance is a bit scary, because we don’t see something like this every day- three people who are indistinguishable.

Shut Up!

There has to be a hidden camera somewhere around us, just waiting to capture our reaction to this picture. That is the only logical explanation. Because it is little to say that we are shocked, confused, speechless; all at the same time. Here’s why- the lady at the center is the mother of the six children around her. AND SHE IS 47 YEARS OLD! Sorry for yelling, we are still in a state of shock.

Young and Young

God bless good genes! The girl on the left (at least we assume she is the daughter) takes after her mom from head to toes. They are spitting image of each other, and if you need proof that an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, look no further. This is the one, screenshot it while you can!

Call Watson

Well, if this girl needs someone to pass her driving test, her mom can easily do that instead of her. No one would tell the difference. Even we cannot decide who is who. They say that everyone thinks that they are sisters, and we can see why. They are straight on lookalikes, and the matching makeup just makes our Sherlock job difficult.

Guilty as Charged

You may know Lori Loughlin for her role on the ABC sitcom ‘Full House’. But did you know that she has two daughters who obviously took after her? Sadly, lately, Lori and daughters are in the middle of a big scandal regarding their college admissions. All we can do is wish them all the best in their future careers.

Good Job, Dad

It is very easy to get these two mixed, just look at them! They look like they are one person, the only difference is the hair color. They admitted that even her dad/husband sometimes doesn’t know who is who, so we have to give us some slack. Overall, they are both beautiful, and it is nice to see them smiling.

What, what?

Abracadabra, make them all look the same! So, this happened. Now we are left with two women who of course look the same, and yet we have one more mystery to solve. So, let’s begin. We are going tell you that the girl on the left is a daughter and that she is 29. Now, let’s move on to the next info. Prepare yourself, her mother (on the right) is 63 years old. Yes, you’ve read it right. Sixty-three!

Just Smile

Oddly disturbing photo. Because yet again it is hard to say who gave birth to whom. Mum, who is on the left, probably has no problem distinguishing her daughter even though there are hundreds of other girls around her. They can also say that they are twins, and we would believe them without any doubt because there are hardly any differences between them.


It is not hard to figure out why this picture went viral not a while ago. The Internet showed us one more time that everything is possible- even to look as young as your daughters. If not even younger! If you are wondering who the mom is in this picture, let us give you the answer. She is on the left, and these two ‘younger’ ladies are her daughters!

And the Winner Is…

This duo is way too cute! And we are not the only ones who have noticed that. These two have won a lookalike contest in their hometown, and you don’t have to be a genius to figure out why. This picture says it all. But we can bet that their smile gave them some additional points. It is all about that charm that can conquer anything.


One more duo who competed for the grand prize in the St. Louis area. So, let’s rate them. It is just a bit hard to tell which one is the teenager and which one is the mother, but that is the point, right? So, based on that, we have to give them the highest marks. Ten for the mother, ten for the daughter. Best of luck in further competition.


Ok, this one is easy. This is the same person, just with a different hairstyle, right? HOW DO YOU MEAN NO? These are two different people? Thank you, because we would never guess. After careful observation, we have reached the conclusion that mom is on the right and next to her is her daughter. But we don’t know which one looks better, they are both beauties.

Write About This

On the right is the journalist Julia Bordovsky and even though she is 47 years old, she looks young enough to be her daughter’s (on the right) sister. Both of them are natural beauties, and their resemblance is stupefying. We just have to wait and see whether the daughter will follow in mom’s footsteps, and become a famous journalist, or if she will choose a completely different career path.

Drink to That

Is the daughter getting married for the first time, or is this the mother’s second marriage? That is the main question. Let’s try to find the answer. Well, we spied with our little eyes, and now we can conclude that the daughter is the celebrating party. And like any good mother, this one is here as well to support her young clone.

Runway Walk

Kaia Gerber is all grown up now, and she took the world of modeling by storm a few years ago. But that comes as no surprise considering who her mom is. In case you don’t know about who we are talking about- her famous mom is Cindy Crawford. Their similarity is astonishing, and they prove that blood is thicker than water. And we don’t even have to mention that they both earn millions.

A Star Is Born

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Kim Zolciak and her daughter Brielle are twining from hair to striped shirts. The reality star is very famous for her show, and everyone knows who her daughter is. Based on their resemblance, it is not that difficult to guess. Blond hair is their main asset, but also their facial features are pretty much identical.


There is only one thing that we know for sure- one of them went on vacation and got some tan, and the other one didn’t. Compared to the previous pictures, here is a bit clearer who is who. The daughter, on the left. The mother, on the right. The age difference is slightly noticeable, but everything else is pretty much the same. Except for the hairstyle, that’s for sure.

Let’s Be Friends

We know for sure that the girl on the left is her mother’s daughter, and do we even have to explain why? They laugh the same way and have the same amount of positive energy. We would gladly hang out with them because they look super friendly. So, ladies, if you read this, give us a call.

My Goodness

Once again, we have a conspiracy theory, and now we think that one of them has traveled through time. Otherwise, how can we explain the fact that they both look this young? They look like they are sisters, and not mother and daughter. Well, it seems that is easy for some people to look forever young, and we can just hope that the same will happen to us in the future.

Bonding Time

These two opted for the same hairstyle and made us even more confused. But let’s have a wild guess and say that daughter is this lovely girl on the right who is posing with her mom. It is always wonderful to see mother and daughter together, especially if we can tell that they are having fun together. Just like these two!


Some women are really ageless, and this one is for sure one of them; and if her daughter has her genes (and based on this picture we think that she definitely has) then she will also be forever young. It seems that they have used some Instagram filters for this picture, but don’t be tricked, because this is how they really look. Maybe we are just a little jealous.


Ok, these two definitely know how they will look like in a few years- their mom is their mirror that shows the future. And most importantly, they have nothing to worry about, because they will look pretty much the same. Oh, yes, just for the record- mom is the one in the middle. We know is hard to believe that, but we are telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

Famous Duo

If these two faces look familiar to you, it is because they are both highly famous actresses. On the left, we have the one and only Lisa Bonet, and on the right is her daughter Zoe Kravitz. Yes, yes, her dad is legendary Lenny Kravitz. Zoe looks like a carbon copy of her mother, and one day we would like to see them acting side by side.

Very Strange

Squinting won’t help you discern who is who in this picture, so stop doing it! We will help you- on the left is the mother, Erin, and on the left is the daughter, Niamh. But the following information is amazing; there’s a 19 years age difference between them! We don’t know how is that possible, because they look like two teenagers who are the same age.


It’s a miracle, people! A real miracle! First of all these two just cannot be mother and daughter. They just cannot! Ok, ok, we know that they are, but their resemblance is just out of this world. They look like peers, but in reality, one is much older than the other. Which one? Honestly, we have no freaking idea.

Sing It!

We just can’t stop being surprised by these pictures. They are all questioning our soberness, and we don’t believe in anything anymore. In this picture, we can see Russian pop singer Vera Brezhneva and her daughter Sonya. This picture says it all because we have no word to describe their similarity. We can only say one word: WOW!

Friends and Family

We are seeing double one more time, have someone call the doctor! This mom and her daughter are copy-paste images of each other, and it is difficult to tell them apart. They say that they are best friends, and it is so cool to hear that. It is always nice to have the support of a family, and mom is what counts the most.

You Are Not My Sister!

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