The Children of Stars: Expectation vs. Reality

Many physical features are passed on to our children, but when looking at an adult it’s nevertheless sometimes difficult to imagine what their children look like.

We at votreART decided to let our imagination run a little on this subject. Here are photos of the offspring of famous people whose appearance is far from what we imagined it would be. Take a look, and be amazed at what nature is capable of.

P.S. Don’t forget to click on the images to flip them. And don’t take this article too seriously! 🙂

Georgia May Jagger

Daughter of Mick Jagger

Hopper Jack Penn

Son of Sean Penn

Julie Depardieu

Daughter of Gérard Depardieu

Chet Hanks

Son of Tom Hanks

Rocco Ritchie

Son of Madonna

Sistine Stallone

Daughter of Sylvester Stallone

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Son of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lorraine Nicholson

Daughter of Jack Nicholson

Duncan Jones

Son of David Bowie

Rumer Willis

Daughter of Bruce Willis

Preview photo credit eastnewsrexfeatures

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