8 Problems With Teenage Girls Of This Generation

Every generation has its own better way of handling things. We often find two successive generations to always have a conflict of thought to reasons unknown. Time is the only logical reason we think which makes people of different generations take decisions which are so ideologically different from each other. We are listing out few reasons where girls of this generation are so different and their problems.

Emotional Anchors ha!

We don’t get this concept of girls wanting to have a constant emotional anchor by their side, therein develops the friend zones, the triangle concepts and what not.

This image is a classic example of the same.

Seriously are these even problems

Kids as young as 10 think that they have a deep understanding of the world, some may have though but what we are trying to say is boyfriend problems, seriously?

They were easy back then

Earlier things used to be pretty simple group gatherings were all about memories and good talks but nowadays everything is about grabbing attention and people go great length to achieve it.

Everything for the camera

It has become quite a fashion nowadays to do things for the camera and they seem to be no different just look at the way how they are going about their eating business.

13 is the new 18?

We don’t know why kids these days want to grow so very quickly just imagine if they grow at this phase how soon they would age, and don’t mistake their swagger.

Even posing as changed

Earlier their used to be that sense of innocence while facing the camera for clicking pictures but nowadays the only thing which they do with great ease is posing in front of the camera and that too so bizarrely.

All they want is

All they want is to look good no matter what is at stake.

Be it exams be it anything their underlying takeaway from life is to look beautiful with the help of cosmetics and weirdness too.

Somethings never change though

If you ask them to be on time they surely wont come this is something which would never change be it then, be it today or be it tomorrow, we have to learn to live with it.

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