These People Asked The Wrong Guy For Photoshop Help

When asking for something, it helps to be VERY specific.

1. Get An Eye-Full

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You know, the French have an unfair stereotype of being cowardly. Any person that can live in a nation where this monstrosity is their biggest monument is braver than you or we.

You see what we were saying about Fridman and his trolling skills?

Whenever you see a red squiggly line under a word you typed, don’t take it as a suggestion. Take it as a warning. Especially if you’re submitting for help from a merciless and tal

2. Iron Man

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Do you consider your grammar, punctuation and spelling to be top tier and you have no fear of submitting a request?

Well, think again. Because even if your sentences would make your elementary school English teachers weep with pride, you’re still not safe.

Fridman gets a special kind of joy out of purposely misconstruing what’s been asked of him. Oh, and in case it wasn’t abundantly clear by now, we also get a special kind of joy out of him doing this.

3. Dangerous Waters

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The most hilarious (to us) and aggravating thing (to them) is that he’s technically doing what they asked of him.

You can’t accuse Fridman of not following directions. Yeah, we all know what they meant, but unless you’re super clear, these are the results you’ll be left with.

And to be fair, these are some of the most dangerous waters imaginable. There’s not really any way you can escape. You’re gonna wind up soaked in marinara and devoured. Should have picked a better rowing spot.

4. Flattery Will Get You Only So Far

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As we’ve stated, he has millions of followers. So by now, everyone should know the game.

Yet, many still try their luck to beat the system. This young gal thought that placating his ego would spare her his Photoshop wrath.

And it did… kind of. While she was put in shoes, it was only at the expense of her friend in this picture. This was a good idea and a nice plan, but it still left someone with cold feet in the end.

5. Tall Order

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What did we just say? Fridman is immune to flattery. You had to know where this was going when you asked it.

Still, it couldn’t hurt to try. Well, it could hurt your feelings depending on how savage a job he does in the Photoshop.

This teaches us that being self-reliant is probably the way to go in life. Take the time to get Photoshop on your computer and learn it for yourself, lest you end up losing your neck.

6. Sticking Your Neck Out

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Of course, there are even things worse than losing your neck. Like this guy, who had his stretched out.

The strangest part of all is how this is so far Fridman at his nicest. He’s saying the guy shouldn’t be self-conscious.

He then goes on to show what the guy would look like if he was exactly how his friends had described… which will make him self-conscious. This is some true good cop, bad cop meta next level trolling on display.

7. Mop Top

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You’ve heard of people with shaggy hair being called “mop top,” but have you ever seen a broom head before?

With such relentless trolling, you’d think that Fridman might be kind of mean. It turns out, just the opposite is true.

He only roasts people that submit to him, knowing full well what they’re getting into. It’s part of the fun. Fridman is actually an advocate for the mental well-being of others, and even started his own charity to help.

8. Legs For Days

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The James Fridman Foundation is describes what they’re all about and what inspired them to take action on the “About Us” section on their website. It turns out, James cares about the children:

“The difficulties young people are facing today created by modern society have an immense impact on their mental well-being and healthy development.

Lack of knowledge, understanding and appropriate skills on how to build resilience and emotional shield leads to an inability to work through challenges modern life has put upon them.”

9. From Zero To Hero

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It turns out that while James Fridman likes having some fun with his Photoshop skills, he cares deeply and wants to help those in need, especially the younger generation.

“[The] James Fridman Foundation was established to help and
support children and young people affected by social issues.

“Our vision is of a world where all children and young people have a sense of belonging. A world where they are happy, valued and understood.”

Awwww… he’s actually a troll with a big heart of gold!

10. Cliff Notes

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“Our mission is to support and help children and young people in developing their skills, understanding and capabilities that will enable them to navigate the obstacles they encounter as they grow and participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals.”

Dang, The James Fridman Foundation is noble and serious in their goals about helping the youth.

Perhaps part of that help is in helping them develop some thick skin and a sense of humor with silly Photoshops like these. They seem so much less mean-spirited now, don’t they?!

11. Pants Off Dance-Off

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So why exactly is the James Fridman association doing this? What are kids these days going through? According to their website:

“An alarming number of young members of our society are suffering mental distress and unhappiness as a result of the considerable pressures which exist within modern day living.

Anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, self-harm and suicide are among the most common mental health conditions in children and young people. We want to help children and young people build confidence, resilience and self-esteem by developing social, emotional and coping skills through art, humor and creativity.”

12. Background Check

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Wait a second… “art, humor and creativity?” That’s exactly what Fridman has been using his skills for all along!

Is he going to train a whole new generation of kids how to use Photoshop, and in turn, they’re going to use those skills to troll more people than Fridman ever could alone?

This is such a wonderful initiative. Not even from an altruistic, charitable sense, but from a hilarious one as well. When you see pics like these, remember… he’s doing it for the children.

13. No Bites

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“We raise public awareness and understanding of the issues children and young people are facing today.

We promote healthy interests, values, and morals by inspiring, engaging and involving children and young people in enjoyable, unique and innovative projects and creative programs.”

You know what? If it gives us more hilarious Photoshop jobs like this one, that’d be cause enough to donate. The fact it is for an important cause? Well, that’s just a cherry Photoshopped on top of the cake.

14. All The Right Angles

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So James Fridman is a great guy… don’t let that fool you, though. Especially if you ask him for help.

After all, he still believes in proper spelling, and if you request something, he’s going to take what you say at face value.

Or at stomach value. Can you find the value of ‘a’ and ‘b’ in this equation? We’re not sure what the wings are worth. But learning how to use spellcheck? Why, that is absolutely priceless, friends.

15. Open Wide

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Fridman’s Photoshop trolls aren’t just meaningless comedy meant for a quick laugh. They can also be life advice.

This guy says she does this all the time, so Fridman offers a long-lasting solution. What a great guy he is, right?

Even if you didn’t know about his charity, you have to admit this is kindhearted of him to suggest. Just make sure she has a pair of these novelty glasses on her at all times, this way she won’t look like she’s closing her eyes in your next wedding or funeral photos.

16. Tanks For Your Help

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Remember, if you’re going to ask James (not “J.” always remember that), you have to be super specific.

He did, indeed, put a train behind her. But she didn’t clarify what kind of train exactly she wanted in the shot.

She should consider herself lucky that he didn’t put the band Train behind her. Remember Train? That’s a super specific joke no one would get, so she’s lucky that she got this instead. She owes this man a “thank you” for that.

17. Feeling Grateful

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Okay, so she technically spelled everything in this sentence correctly. No red squiggly lines to warn her.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know about homonyms. You should all probably take a look into those. They’re great… just not exactly grate.

To be fair, Fridman did make this other girl look bad. If the authorities arrive and ask who did this, she’d look guilty as heck, wouldn’t she. Gotta say that guy probably wouldn’t be into her after doing something like this.

18. Nailed It!

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“Hey, Stacy! I loved that pic you posted on Instagram yesterday. Your hair looked so cute in it. Why doesn’t it look the same now?”

“Oh, that was an older picture from a few months ago. It was my Throwback Thursday.”

“Oh, that makes sense. I thought it was kind of weird. Also, something else seemed strange. Why were you holding up what looked like a dismembered mannequin torso showing off boy’s clothes in the shot?”

“Um… felt cute, might delete later?”

19. Accurate

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Dang, this guy has the right idea. If you want to avoid being embarrassed, just make sure you aren’t in the shot.

Of course, this means throwing your loved ones under the bus… which is actually a Photoshop you could probably request.

But hey, this really isn’t that bad. Just look at that handsome face. So what if he’s on the shorter side? Women should stop being such height-ists, learn that a man is more than how tall he is and hook a playa up with a juice box.

20. Bugatti Assistance

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Look, we can argue until we’re blue in the face about whether or not these Photoshops are mean.

We could also learn how to use Photoshop until we can make our faces blue. That’d be the wiser course of action.

That way, you won’t ever be caught in a lie, which is a way worse thing to do than these. Let’s face it. James Fridman isn’t the hero we were expecting, but he is the hero we need. Thank you, kind sir!

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