Art 15 Honest Comics That Will Make Every Mom Smile And Say “It’s Me”

Being a mom is the most worthwhile experience ever in one’s life, but it’s also the most difficult task. There are dozens of problems that happen to moms in raising a child. Many moms here may experience the situation that their kids don’t want to get in the bath but then don’t want to get out of it once they get in. It’s so annoying, isn’t it? As a mom, artist Héloise Weiner appeased and spoke up for mothers through her comics.

The French artist Héloise Weiner is a mom of six kids. We all know if raising a child is hard, then dealing with six is harder. Despite being busy with family daily life, the woman still has time for doing comics. You know what? She is the creator of many children’s books and comic books. And in recent times, she has made a webcomic named “It’s a mum’s life” that portrays all of the funny and annoying things every mom has to experience. Surely, those who have ever had kids will find them painfully relatable.

Talking about the artist’s idea of making the comic, she said that she started turning her family life into short comics after her second child was born. “They were very simple, but I liked them and my friends seemed to like them too, so they encouraged me to start posting my comics on social media,” described Héloise. After posting her drawings on Instagram, she realizes that most parents might relate to those situations, and she’s so happy when connecting with other parents in that way. That’s also the reason why she keeps her work. “In fact, it was so much fun that I posted more and more comics and today, it has become my job!”

Moms, let all the negative stuff stay in the past and laugh at our issues with our kids together. Have a nice day!

#1 That’s exactly how it goes

#2 Suspicious 🧐

#3 Good morning!

#4 I’m 15 and still do this XD

#5 How many boys and girls do you have?

#6 LOL! My little sister right there!

#7 How do men survive saying that?

#8 Well, it’s true ❤️

#9 Adults deny it, but they are like this too

#10 I don’t think so

#11 For some of us, it is physically impossible to be normal

#12 I’m definitely glowing

#13 The accuracy !! 😂

#14 Listening to my child telling me a story

#15 Best reply: Why would you ask that?

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