A 65-Year-Old Lady Shows Off Her Natural Beauty and Explains How to be a Model in Her Years

Everyone wants to live a healthy and attractive life at any age, but some people are so successful at it that they may inspire others. Yazemeenah Rossi had her first grey hair when she was 11 years old, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing a career as a model. She’s now 65 and a sight to behold. We completely agree with what she says about ageing, self-acceptance, and beauty.

When she was asked to fill in for a model at the last minute, she began her modelling career “by luck.” She began collaborating with fashion designers such as YSL, Jil Sander, and Thierry Mugler from that day on. She was raising her two children at home until her modelling career took off.

Yazemeenah has always adored her hair, and when she first noticed grey strands at the age of 11, she thought it was beautiful to have silver hair. She received a lot of feedback, generally negative, but she always had a strong sense of self-worth, value, and dignity, so it didn’t bother her.

“On the contrary, I was pretty pleased to stand up for myself despite the naysayers, and this has always been the case for me throughout my life, and it was a huge benefit when I first started modelling.” Money has never been the motivator for me to do things that were bad for me, whether it was because I was one of the first models with silver hair or because I stood up for what I wanted to do or not.”

She feels that self-acceptance is about being grounded in reality and in awe of the marvel that we are as human beings and the wonder that is the human body. Yazemeenah described herself as having a profound affinity to nature and its rules.

When questioned about her beauty secrets, Yazemeenah said she is conscious of what she puts in her body and on her skin, as well as what she puts in her home surroundings. She eats and utilises fresh organic items for her skin (oils). She’s also conscious of the need of avoiding toxic thinking and maintaining good hygiene, such as getting enough sleep.

When it came to exercise, she revealed that she had been doing yoga without realising it, as if she was being prompted from inside to stretch, and that she was reaping the advantages. Exercising for her isn’t about getting to the gym; it’s about going where her body leads her at any given time. “When I was younger, people mistook me for a sports teacher or a ballet dancer, but it’s just a method of being in tune with the body’s demands.”

Why do you believe some people appear to be so young? What do you imagine your life will be like when you’re 65 years old?

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