A Covid 19 World

Everything’s going to be back to normal real soon. A phrase that actually scares everyone, especially nature that for some time had finally taken a breath of fresh air. Maybe nobody out there will have missed us, nobody will run to hug us, also because we will be covered in gloves, masks and glass capsules. We will be different, frightened, more suspicious than before. And maybe we won’t feel like hugging anyone.

The Internet has become a great showroom in which professional and anonymous artists portray the health crisis, reflect on the world to come or simply fight boredom. The Getty Museum Challenge, The Covid Art Museum, dedicated to the artworks of the Coronavirus, created by three Spanish advertisers who intend to group them, Damien Hirst, the “enfant terrible” of the Britart of the 90s, and his rainbow, the drawing of hope that thousands of children have painted and hung on their balconies around the world, Yayoi Kusama and her “Disappear from this earth” poem, Banksy and his bathroom, Steve Cutts and his Man 2020, Ertan Atay and his Art Masks, Valott and his Covid visions or Pascal Ruelle and his Covid solutions at work, they all make us Hope and smile as always, even if hide a lot of anxiety.

2020 SalonPascal Ruelle
Banksy at Home
2020 Massage TherapyPascal Ruelle
Summer 2020 – Santi P. Seoane
Summer 2020 – Burnt Toast
2020 Class – Valott
Cover Yourself – Kerala Photography
Luxury Masks – Valott
The Scream by Edvard Munch (1893) – Yulia Tabolkina (Russia)
Nature Takes Back Its Rights – ValottKe 

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