People struggled with Photoshop before sharing their creations in an online group

These days, many people attempt to alter images to their liking because it is now simpler to manipulate photos with the aid of photo editing programs. Photoshop is not, however, as simple as it first appears. Your shot could look ludicrous if the details are not altered exactly.

There is a subreddit called ‘Photoshop Fails‘ that documents hilarious pics photoshopped by people who clearly lack photoshop skills. Check out some of their funniest posts in the gallery below.

More info: Reddit

#1 Invisible Bottom


#2 Photoshop Level: 1000!


#3 I Have No Words


#4 Photoshop Fail, Unless This Is A Whole New Yoga

Image source: tribelawn

#5 This Mattress Pad Will Protect Your Bed From Giant Disembodied Hands That Pour Old Soda Onto Invisible Flat Surfaces


#7 Poor Horsie Legs


Don’t hate her cause she has curves… just say a prayer for that poor horse.

#8 A Toy For Your Child If Your Child Is Satan


#9 Seems Legit


#10 The Most Magical Pair Of Pants You Ever Did See


#11 Thumb Looks Kinda Sus


#13 Found This Advertising An Article…how Many Hands Does She Have?


#14 I Spit Out My Drink


#15 These Realtors Really Tried Their Best Giving The Tree Some Leaves


#16 Need I Say More About This Instagram Ad?


#17 Looking For Face Covers On Amazon


#18 Tmz “Composite” Fail Of Sophie Turner And Jonas


#19 Will Say Its Photoshop!


#20 Oh Well


#21 What A Comfortable Looking Totally Real Mask

#22 Legs Of A Al11en


#23 This Cat… Is Wearing Makeup?


#24 And All The Kittens Clapped For The Graphics Design Skills

“Yesterday I fed a kitten, the next day it broughta whole bunch of cats to me”

Image source: Racingteamsam

#25 “Look At Those Amazing Eyes! They’re Mesmerizing!”

Image source: ThrowPopcornAtMyFace

#26 Hides Your Missing Chin

Image source: impressiver

#27 Wish I Had A Dog As Real As That

Image source: SyphiListerine

#28 Photoshop Fail , After Tunisian Minister Shows Too Much Leg

Image source: azizfcb

#29 Anyone Else Always Swim In Regular Clothes And Shoes?

Image source: snwiajfnai

#30 Those Arms And That Waist Are Ridiculous

Image source: rotang2240

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