Quarantined People Share Their Hilariously Bad Baking Attempts (30 Pics)

Nothing like a global quarantine to make you realize you can only survive on frozen pizzas and Hot Pockets for so long. That’s when you brush the dust off of that cook book you got for Christmas six years ago, fire up the ol’ oven and put your baking skills to the test. Then, three hours and one messy kitchen later, looking at the lump of coal that was supposed to bea croissant, you begin to realize that maybe you overestimated your cooking skills just a little bit.

Quarantined people are sharing their worse baking fails and some of them will make you realize that your charcoal croissants have ended way worse. Check out the most hilarious quarantine baking fails in the gallery below!


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Just don’t ask…


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My make-shift attempt at making a bunny failed me, but I think I baked a fat cat instead?


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So…this looked to be baking perfectly and happily in the oven…this was the surprise on the other side


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Epextecation vs reality


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Baking fail. My macarons exploded and didn’t grow feet.
I’m pretty sure it had to do with my almond flour. I made my own and I think it was too moist. I haven’t been able to find ready made almond flour but almonds are readily available. I’m gonna try again


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“Ummm….are the cinnamon buns supposed to try and escape from the pan?


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Sadly my challahday easter bunny didn’t quite work out. Seems to have come down with some hip dysplasia, ear disconnection, and a touch of elephantiasis in the oven… I think the main culprits here were uneven working of the various strands, slight underproofing, and perhaps some rusty baking skills. Next time..


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In my attempt at making pizza, i discovered my yeast had expired in 2010. And the supermarkets had ran out of yeast. Then I read about making yeast from dried fruit. I used dried longan and here is an interesting outcome. The dough was stretchy and after baking, I ended up with a very pleasant tasting crispy and slightly chewy sweetish flatbread. It went really well with crunchy peanut butter


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Sweet f’n dreams people!!


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A bit too much of baking soda


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He’s baaaaaa-ck! 3. Oh no!! 4. Sleepy sheepy


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I tried to make pretzels and they went MUTANT


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I think I made the peanut butter cookies a bit too big.


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i am normally a good baker. i found a recipe for egg custard pie. i told my husband 2 go 2 the store to get the ingredients (only 1 person per family is allowed in the store and i cannot be trusted because i come home with a whole bunch of junk food lol). 1 of the ingredients were pie crust, i told him the pie crust are in the refrigerated section near the eggs and where the cookie dough is. he came home with pie crust from the freezer in a pie plate already….i have never seen these in my life and the pie dish was not deep. this was the outcome of using pie crust i have never made before. apparently the egg custard somehow got under the pie crusts while baking, and that big bubble in the middle is the pie crust


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