Woman’s Marriage To Herself Ends In Divorce After Meeting ‘Someone Special’

Finding that special someone for you in the world can be a hard thing for some people.

One model in Brazil had had enough of searching for Mr. Right, so she did something that not many people would do. Here’s her story.

She Married Herself!

Brazilian model Cris Galêra shocked everyone earlier this year when she announced that she had married herself.
<Woman in white wedding dress holding flowers.Photo Credit: @cristianegaleraoficial / Instagram
She said that she did not want to rely on men and that she was embracing the fact that she was alone.

It Was Good For A While

Woman hanging on side of pole in ParisPhoto Credit: @cristianegaleraoficial / Instagram
After the marriage, things were good!

Galêra said that she was happy and was loving married life. There’s probably a lot less of a chance to get into an argument with yourself!

Divorced Herself After 90 Days

Broken heart on a stringPhoto Credit: Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

But sadly the marriage was over after she filed for a divorce from herself after just 90 days.

When you are married to yourself, at least you don’t have to fight over who gets to keep what.

She Met Someone Special

Woman on a lounge chairPhoto Credit: @cristianegaleraoficial / Instagram
The reason that she decided to divorce herself was that she met someone special and was starting to fall in love.

If she were married to herself, wouldn’t both people in the marriage be falling in love with someone else?

Believed In Love In The Moment

Woman in green dress sitting on chairPhoto Credit: @cristianegaleraoficial / Instagram
Galêra said that she was starting to believe in love in the moment again.

She said that she had a good marriage to herself and that she was happy while it lasted.

Not Concerned With People’s Thoughts

Woman in black dress. Photo Credit: @cristianegaleraoficial / Instagram
There have been a lot of people voicing their opinions on her marriage and divorce online.

Galêra said that she was not going to be worrying about what people were saying. What do you think?

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