20 Photos Showing How Online Shopping Can Turn Out To Be Hilariously Terrible

Many people have switched to online shopping now more than ever. Especially since the pandemic, the online market has been thriving due to its ease of access and hassle-free delivery. However, there are downsides to online shopping too!

If you have ever ordered anything online, you probably know that there is a risk involved because what you see in the pictures is not always what you get. And sometimes the received products are so out of touch with reality that it leads to disappointment. Check out some of the most disappointing but hilarious online shopping fails in the gallery below!

#1 My Sister Ordered A Face Mask From Amazon (Left) And The Photo On The Right Is What She Received

Image source: Difficult-Tiger6517

#2 What Was Ordered Versus What I Just Received In The Mail Today

Image source: SlimJohnson

#3 We Ordered Toothbrushes On Ebay From China But Received Eye Masks Instead. I’m Not Mad About This Error, And Will Use Them Wisely

Image source: aloofwatermelon

#4 Ordered A Gromit Coffee Mug Online

Image source: mattpond

#5 My Son Turned 1 Yesterday. This Was The Topper To His Space Themed Cake. Left Is What We Ordered, Right Is What We Got

Image source: Drewlyn

#6 My Family Recently Moved To Florida So I Wanted To Protect Them From The Sun

Image source: cosmicgirl03

#7 Sometimes You Don’t Expect A Lot From Aliexpress But Dammit

Image source: aconitehera

#8 Thanks To This Woman’s Amazon Review I Promptly Removed This Dress From My Cart

Image source: JivyNme

#9 For My Son’s 1st Birthday, I Give You The Cake We Ordered And The Cake We Got

Image source: jstehlick

#10 I Keep Trying To Order Zatarain’s Cajun Injector Creole Butter, But I Keep Getting Soaps

Image source: enderr920

#11 This Is How Amazon Delivered My Body Wash. I Wonder What Are They Expect Me To Do

Image source: ydw1988913

#12 Op Ordered The Left Painting From An Instagram “Artist” Who Then Blocked Them After Delivery

Image source: theco0lguy

#13 (Found) This Mask From Wish

Image source: trickpixie

#14 Whiskey Advent Calendar

Image source: granitepiggy

#15 Heavy-Duty Combat Boots

Image source: Ehansaja

#16 It’s A Scam

Image source: Karabo_Mokgoko

#17 So My Mom Ordered A Memorial Day Wreath For My Grandpa, Who Is A Vietnam Vet

Image source: Few_Plum_7505

#18 My Friend Ordered This Rug Online. She Got This Instead, Whatever It Is

Image source: AkruX

#20 Make Sure You Order From The Grown-Ups’ Section

Image source: Legal_Tea

#21 Oh, The Joys Of Ordering Online

Image source: Iwantsprinkles

“Two different colors, two different sizes, and both are left shoes. Lovely!”

#22 Ordered A Tool From Amazon. They Sent Me A Bag With Nothing In It. Wish I Could Make This Up

Image source: EcstaticBoysenberry

#23 TIL To Check Gifts I Order Online Before Giving Them Away – I Ordered A Game Of Thrones Scarf

Image source: lotusdove

#24 Ordered A Pot/Pan Set Off Amazon After Recently Moving. Beware Super Low Prices On Kitchenware

Image source: barely_fits

#25 I Cannot Stop Laughing At This Amazon Review

Image source: corago513

#26 So I Ordered Feminine Products Off Amazon And Received Inflatable Basketballs Instead

Image source: Low_Tomatillo974

#27 Amazon Shipped Me An Empty Stick Of Deodorant

Image source: WafflesFreak789

#28 Axolotl Arrived In The Mail

Image source: marcgems

#29 My Buddy Ordered Some New Dice And Forgot To Check The Size

Image source: Ironchefheff

#30 When You Order Clothes On Amazon

Image source: clkaoler4564

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