10 Signs The Person You Want So Badly Is Incapable Of Truly Loving You

Sometimes we fall in love with people who refuse to love us back or who cannot love us back because of how they are or where they are in their journey. Life is complicated like this sometimes and while it is upsetting, it is something we must face.

You can’t expect someone to love you who doesn’t love his or herself and you can’t make things work when they’re just not. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that indicate someone you’re interested in just can’t love you back. That could be because they won’t allow themselves to or because they don’t care enough about you to see you properly. Regardless of their reasons, these things should not be tolerated and you deserve better.

10 Signs The Person You Want So Badly Is Incapable Of Truly Loving You

1. They refuse to communicate properly.

Someone who is closed off to real love won’t be willing to communicate. He or she will simply shut down and refuse to say anything or argue your pants off. These kinds of people never compromise.

2. They don’t truly love themselves.

People who refuse to love themselves are not usually able to love others in the way that they should. They can’t be there for you as you want them to be, and they’re too closed off. They need to work on themselves before anything else.

3. They don’t care about your wants or needs.

People who don’t care about your wants or needs don’t love you and won’t be able to love you. This is because they don’t see you as someone important. They turn you into nothing but an option.

4. They’re always making excuses.

When someone is always making excuses and messing up you should see it as a sign they don’t love you and won’t love you. This is because if they did they would be making an effort to make things right and not continue down that same path. You have got to let this one sink in before it’s too late.

5. They want to change you.

People who want to change us are not people who love us. If this person loved you he or she would accept you as you are. The more they try to turn you into someone you’re not the clearer this should become in your eyes.

6. They aren’t willing to grow as a person.

People who love us are willing to admit when they’re wrong, and they are willing to grow from their mistakes. Rather than making them over and over they change what needs changed and grow as needed. This is because they want to make things work.

7. They are very selfish.

Selfish people are not capable of love in the ways others are. They only think of themselves and what they want. Everything else falls through the cracks.

8. They are unable to get over their past.

When someone is stuck in their past love is not possible. They cannot overcome the things that are holding them back and until that happens they’re not going to be who you need them to be. This is a sad reality a lot of us end up facing.

9. They do not respect you or your boundaries.

When it comes to love those who do not respect you or your boundaries DO NOT LOVE YOU. If someone loves you they will respect you and not cross your boundaries no matter what. They will not push you to do things you’re not comfortable with, and they WILL support you properly.

10. They refuse to truly let you in.

When someone refuses to let you in they are shutting you out, period. This meaning they’re not going to show you the sides of them that bring out the place for love to grow. They don’t want that kind of thing and are not going to let it happen.

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