What If Guys On Instagram Behaved Like Girls?

Founder of the Instagram account “Bros Being Basic,” comedian Ashley Hesseltine, knows what it means to be “basic.” This became an offensive epithet when white females from the middle class unintentionally imitated upper-class fashions. As more women adopted similar styles, the subject gained traction and drew a larger audience.

Pumpkin lattes, pouty Instagram photos, leggings, and other things that females were more familiar with and appreciated began to go away as time went on. An unpleasant situation arises when they fail to understand that they are being humiliated for their incapacity to identify themselves as a “basic,” one of the most defining traits of a ‘basic’. Why would anyone be offended that they are forced to enjoy something?

“The feedback has been nothing but good,” Ashley told Bored Panda, adding, “it almost feels like giving honor to ladies rather than criticizing them.” Because I’m a feminist and a woman, I’m naturally able to generate stuff that isn’t disrespectful to women. Our unique female fans can laugh at themselves and their own “basic” habits.”

“Well-done parodies are always amusing, and the topic is universally applicable to both sexes.” And a lot of the stuff is just guys being themselves, not males insulting girls. On Instagram, guys maybe just as plain and thirsty as ladies!”

Ashley got the idea for this page when the ‘basic’ trend spread throughout society in 2014. She informed us, “I had an idea for a post on my blog called What If Guys Acted Like Girls on Instagram?” “I enlisted the help of all my male friends to take the images, and when the blog went popular, the concept for the Instagram account was created.” On Thanksgiving Eve, I (with my friend Travis May) established the account, and it quickly went viral.”

This page is currently emerging from the shadows as it grows in popularity (at the moment, there are 865k followers, and the counting is not yet stopped). I’ve thrown in a few of these images here and there in the past. However, I’ve opted to exhibit more of these in a more general approach. Check them out by scrolling down. Please let us know what you think.

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