People Are Sharing The Most Ridiculously Awful Photoshop Fails They’ve Seen (30 Fails)

Photoshop is an art. Some people are good at it, and they can do amazing things. But for every person who’s amazing at it, there’s got to be at least 100 that are terrible at it.

This hilarious subreddit is dedicated to poorly photoshopped pics. Cut off legs, extra hands, wrong heads… if you can imagine it, someone has poorly photoshopped it.

Here are some of the worst examples people shared.

1. “He Lost So Much Weight, The Person In The Background Gained It”

2. “Biggest Snake Ever Discovered Is Good With Crowds”

3. “Ad For A Beauty Supply Store In My Area”

4. “The First Comment Sums It Up”

5. “Such Cute Cats!”

6. “An Ad On The News Feed On My Phone. Hope The Dog Is Ok”

7. “Dad Got Divorced, Used Paint To Erase His Ex-Wife”

8. “Wow, Grass That Stays Green In Wintertime! (Found On Zillow)”

9. “Found This From A Company That Claims To Make ‘3D Realistic Floor Art’”

10. “Give Me That Unreal Look. Gardener: I Don’t Do Photoshop”

12. “Probably My Favorite Photoshop Fail. This Was Apparently Done By A Pro For $200, All The Images Are Like This”

13. “Nice Little Couch”

14. “I Can’t Stop Laughing”

15. “What Is Going On With This Poor Dogs Teeth???”

16. “What Are Those!!”

17. “I Think He Ate The Other Campers”

18. “Yes, That Looks Very Real”

19. “Amazon Is A Gold Mine”

20. “I Was Searching For A Cat Carrier On Amazon And Came Across This Monstrosity”

21. “The Models Are Soooo Comfortable With Each Other”

22. “These Ads Are Ridiculous!”

23. “Someone From My School Actually Posted This”

24. “Where Is Her Body?”

25. “Dog Pool”

26. “This Magic Carpet Ride Through Hell… For Your Dog”

27. “The More You Look At It, The Worse It Gets”

28. “Amazon Seat Bath Tub. Model Lost His Legs”

29. “Bro What”

30. “Amazon Kiddie Pool”

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