Strangest Things You’ll Only See in India

India is the second most populous country on the planet and it’s expected to hit the top spot anytime soon. The country currently has estimated 1,368,578,624 people living in it and has many states that have different cultures, languages, food and what not. India is one of the most diverse countries on the planet as well which makes it strange for many people to understand.

The country with the highest Pilgrimage.


Around 130 million people gathered for a single event that happens once every 12 years, the ‘Kumbh Mela’. It was a world record for the largest human gathering in the world and was visible from the space!

The first plastic surgery book.


Indian doctors are often considered the best and that has been happening since ancient times as all the initial medical treatments evolved in the country. Not just plastic surgeries, many modern medical procedures are evolved version of ‘Vedas’ Indian gurus have written.

Strange Post Offices.

Meanwhile, most countries don’t even have Post Offices, India proudly has the post office at the highest location and the lowest location as well.

Unique endangered animal species.

The country is really diverse and has rich flora and fauna. It is home to so many endangered species that are extinct in other countries.

Bridges made entirely with roots.


The wettest state in the world, Meghalaya has bridges that are entirely made with roots which do not rot due to moisture because of being wet all the time. These root bridges are way more efficient than wooden structures.

16 adornments of a married woman.


Women don’t often wear jewelry before they’re married after they are, they use their 16 ornaments called the ‘Sola Shringar’.

330 million gods.

India is home to 330 million gods and an even bigger population of believers. There is 80% population of Hindus who by themselves have this number of gods. The other 20% also add to the number. That’s diversity for you.

The tallest statue in the world.

This is a recent addition to India’s ever-growing share of monuments which has a height of 182 meters and is the tallest statue on the planet. It’s called ‘Statue Of Unity’.

White is the m0urn1ng color.

Usually everywhere m0urn1ng is done in black but not in this country. White is the color for mourning and some people even believe that black color is a sin to wear at a fun33ral.

Magnetic hill of Ladakh.

This is also referred to as ‘Cyclops Hill’ by people. This area is so magnetic that it has made planes change their routes because of the disturbance it causes in the route.

The Largest Film Industry In The World.

This is not an actual place as you may already know, but Bollywood is actually the largest film industry in the world, way above than Hollywood. Indian movie segment from Mumbai, the film industry of India produces around 2000 movies alone.

Wedding Rings.


In some diversities of India, the wedding ring is worn on the index toe of the foot. 2 silver rings are placed by the groom on the finger according to tradition.

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