These 10+ Pics Will Convince You That You’re Better Off Single Sometimes

When you’re dating to just pass the time, for sure you’re going to have the worst experience. Some find being single a struggle, some are single by choice.

It’s a known fact that some people are good at relationships, but for some it just doesn’t work out. Maybe after reading this article you will also feel comfortable riding solo.

1. If you met a guy on Tinder, this is probably how your relationship will look in a few years. |

You can’t squeeze juice out of stone and expect it to taste like Tropicana, honey.

2. I’m not gonna sit here and harp on girls who have issues, because honey, I am one of those girls.

Imgur | SmashQueen

However, I do think it’s important not to put those issues onto others, and this conversation is a perfect example of that.

3. Being alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself. |

Everyone deserves a little somethin’ special every now and then. Why not spoil yourself and let yourself bask in your own glow?

4. A hangry chick will date just about anyone for a good meal, but a hungry chick will be choosy. |

That’s why it’s always important to never let yourself get to that hangry state, ladies.

5. I may have 99 problems, but a dysfunctional relationship filled with passive-aggressive commentary isn’t one of them. |

Can I get an amen, and maybe even a small pizza for one?

6. I don’t know much about Fallout, but I do know that every girl who’s dating a gamer is going to be single for the next couple months.

Imgur | trextyler

Jump on in, ladies. The water is warm.

7. Listen carefully, ladies. The fear of commitment is a real thing. I’ve seen it firsthand. |

So don’t carry on dating that emotionally unavailable guy hoping that he will one day change, because that’s just insane.

8. Notice that there are two very different perspectives demonstrated in this conversation, yet only one of them is realistic.

Imgur | chiefmedic

I wish more people conducted themselves this way on dating apps.

9. This man is walking around thinking he’s a celebrity.

Reddit | gunthertheferret

How many women do you need to cycle through to have a “baby mama” reveal on Instagram? That is the real question here.

10. This has got to be the most savage and devastating bathroom break ever, and I’m counting the time I had kidney stones.

Reddit | GldnUnicorn

It’s things like this that make me believe we’re all better off alone.

11. I’m no psychologist but I am a breakup expert, and as such, I can confirm that this logic is 100% accurate.

Imgur | McThquigglth

Consider this image groundbreaking research to help improve a girl’s player radar.

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