30 Photos Showing Real-Life Glitch In The Matrix

Have you ever accidentally run into someone who looks just like you? Or have you noticed something recurring in the same place at the same time? These unexpected coincidences happen a lot but hardly ever fail to amaze people.

Today we have collected photos of some crazy coincidences that look like a glitch in the matrix. From doppelgangers to people wearing the same clothes, scroll below to see the most surprising occurrences caught on camera. For more such photos, check out our previous posts here and here.

#1 Met My Twin At A Hockey Game

Image source: Matthews84

#2 This Rare Planetary Alignment

Image source: janx2k1

#3 Dude Spawned Twice For His Route

Image source: b4j54n

#4 Spotted Yesterday In Piccadilly

Image source: dukenewcomb92

#5 My Friend’s Dad Is At A Santa Convention, For People Who Play Santa During Christmas. This Is During Breakfast At The Hotel

Image source: Songs4Soulsma

#6 There Are Two Identical-Looking People Sleeping On The Subway

Image source: NcUltimate

#7 Two Women With Same Mask, Similar Clip And Hair

Image source: wizzwhoosh

#8 Little Brother Went To Get His Vaccine, Ran Into Himself From The Future

Image source: whatthehellhappensto

#9 The Guy Is Playing For Both Teams, And Still Watching It From The Grandstand

Image source: flygon223

#10 Time Travel At Costco

Image source: IWasANerdBeforeItWasCool

#11 My Buddy Was Wearing The Same Shirt As A Woman At The Bar. She Left And Was Replaced About An Hour Later By Another Man Wearing The Same Shirt

Image source: fightinforphilly

#12 They Told Me I Would Find Myself In Thailand

Image source: jack_edition

#13 I Am On The Train And Those Two Ladies Look The Same But They Don’t Know Each Other At All… Freaky

Image source: tinybeano

#14 Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: Handicapreader

#15 My Friend Found Her Doppelganger At A Party

Image source: jdc311

#16 The Way That All Of These Girls Are Unknowingly Wearing The Same Outfit

Image source: OPJesseVeronie

#17 Welcome To The Matrix

Image source: jannpascua

#18 What In The *** Matrix Is This?

Image source:

#19 This Woman Has A Tattoo On Her Shoulder That Is The Exact Same As The Design On This Guys Shirt

Image source: Croutoninspace

#20 Walking Around My Town… She Met Her Nemesis

Image source: jorge_pzg

#21 I Found My Doppelganger At Work

Image source: GlasgowComa

#22 My Uber Driver Was A Slimmer, Cooler, Mustached Version Of Myself

Image source: fuzzysalad

#23 Was This Planned

Image source: jennbarkley

#24 These Two Unrelated People On My Flight Started Watching The Same Movie At The Exact Same Time

Image source: midromney

#25 The One Day My Son Didn’t Wear His Blue Eddie Bauer Puffy Jacket From Costco To The Playground

Image source: CptBoatDad

#26 Met My Doppelgänger (Right) At A Concert. Even Had On The Same Shoes

Image source: kozmoto

#27 This Handicapped Sign Is Broken In A Way That It Suits My Disability

Image source: benhundben

#28 A Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: AtheistSermon

#29 How Do You Order Your Food, If “You’re” Already Ordering It?

Image source: Scalabron

#30 Two Separate Couples Are Matching Indirectly

Image source: L33SA

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