10 Foods Nutritionists Avoid Like Fire

Modern dietitians encourage consuming nutritious foods and exercise to avoid torturing oneself with tight diets. Tables and lists of items depending on their nutritional qualities have also been prepared by experts. We all know that white bread, fried food, sweets, and drink are prohibited, but there are a few more items that should be added to the list.

Sweet yogurts

Dairy products that are good for you aren’t sweet. Yes, yoghurt is beneficial to our health, but it is preferable to consume it without added sugar or fruit. A dessert of sweet yoghurt is possible, although it is not a necessary dairy product.


Dairy products with thickeners and starch should be avoided, according to nutritionists. Instead, flavour your natural yoghurt with fresh berries, spices, and vanilla essence.


Rice is claimed to be almost as nutritious as bread, with white rice being the least nutritious. It includes a lot of simple carbs, which might make you gain weight.


Rice, according to nutritionists, may be beneficial to your health, but it must be of exceptional quality.


Parsley may be quite dangerous. Because parsley may start producing nitrites and practically transform into a poison within 30 minutes, inexperienced cooks should avoid adding it to salads and dressing them with mayonnaise, sour cream, or oil.


Nutritionists advise waiting until just before serving to add parsley to any meal so that it preserves all of its beneficial properties.


Have you ever tasted the difference between homemade tomato paste and store-bought ketchup? Sauces like mayonnaise, tartar, mustard, and others are no exception. The problem is that all store-bought sauces include sugar.


According to nutritionists, it is less expensive to add sugar instead of natural tomatoes to enhance the flavour. Choose olive or linseed oil, or crush the tomatoes yourself and season with spices

Fruit chips and dried fruit

Fruit chips are becoming increasingly popular among those who follow a healthy diet, but most producers utilise the same procedure for making them as they do for potato chips: they fry them in oil. As a result, vegetable or fruit chips have the same number of calories as potato chips.


Because of the chemical processing they go through before drying, these chips generally look and taste good. Furthermore, this technique increases the product’s shelf life by nearly thrice. Unfortunately, many fruits and vegetables are no longer functional or healthful after processing.

Pay attention to the bright colour, artificial shine, softness, and odour of dried fruit before purchasing. These are the characteristics of the processing. Fruits that have been dried will not be vibrant or tender.


Grapes aren’t very healthful, despite their appearance. Their sweetness tempts us to eat a large quantity at once, resulting in an overload of sugar in our bodies.

According to nutritionists, we should carefully combine grapes with other foods. They should not be eaten with fatty foods, seafood, fresh cucumbers, melons, alcohol, or milk.

Incorrectly cooked fish

Fish is practically fat-free and includes beneficial fats like Omega-3 fatty acids. The molecular makeup of the most popular fish meals was researched by scientists at the University of Hawaii, who discovered that boiling or baking fish protects the most beneficial ingredients. Fried, smoked, and salted fish, according to American cardiologists, are extremely dangerous.


Scientists have found that genetically modified corn has an impact on both terrestrial and aquatic creatures after conducting several studies. They’ve even discovered that pollen from genetically engineered corn carries a poisonous substance. This variety of maize is even prohibited in certain nations.


It is not advisable to consume canned corn or any other tinned food. It is preferable to boil or bake it in order to preserve its beneficial components.

Nut Milk

Almond, coconut, and Brazil nut milk all include added sugar and aromatizers, as well as extra calories. So, before you buy a product, familiarise yourself with all of the contents. It’s even better if you get your nut milk from an organic store.


Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are popular in many diets because they are low in fat. Popular publications even advised rice cakes as a bread substitute a few years ago.

Unfortunately, because rice cakes have a high glycemic index, they make you hungry very quickly. As a result, you may be consuming more calories than you need, causing you to gain weight.


In addition, eating too much avocado might be dangerous.

Avocados are now available in a wide range of supermarkets, and experts suggest that they are quite healthful. However, we must point out that they are high in calories: 3.5 oz of avocado has 245 calories. As a result, it’s not a good idea to eat too many of them.

Keep in mind that only a raw avocado retains all of its nutrients. It’s less helpful after heat processing. Anti-inflammatory medicines may be less effective and red blood cell counts may be reduced if you eat too much avocado.

Do you consume any of these items? Are you ready to cut down on their use in your diet?

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