12 Photos You Need to Look Over Again

There are loads of pictures on the internet that are amusing and intriguing enough to make entertain you. Although we spent hours on the internet looking at the weirdness people post. We tend to miss some awesome stuff that we have made a compilation just for you. So, enjoy these images, have fun.

A Boat In the clear water, or is it photoshop?

It looks like it’s photoshopped and we can’t agree more. It is definitely the magic of editing that has this image look like magic. Though the clear water was enough beautiful they had to ruin with the view, right? Let’s just make it weirder, let’s photoshop.

A dentist’s office was never so sC@@ry.

Why would they do this? I don’t even know what this machine is. The dentist’s office is already a little sc@@ry and this one had to top it off with a bulls head like thing. I don’t want to go here ever, to be weirded out by this sc@@ry looking thing!

Monster Dog can be cute

This is less sc@@ry and cuter if you ask me. It looks like a big stuff toy walking along with humans. I wish I had the same costume to get into while walking around casually. It can’t be more amusing for kids either to see a big dog walking around and not be judged! Although I would get sc@@red looking at such big dog It would be acceptable only If there are more dogs like these walking around happily.

Trump Shadow

It is really weird when you are in the shower and you see a shadow that is just so weird, you either get sacred our you can’t stop laughing about it. When you just look for a bath but end up picturing a face. That horror just lives with you forever. This one looks like a silhouette of Donald Trump or the shadow of Flintstone. Both are funny though!

Is that a ghost?

This is so sc@@ry, I wonder how they reacted after the picture was taken. Her eye makeup was so on point that they stole the whole limelight in the photograph. Not to remark rac111sm but some other color eyeshadow must’ve sufficed! This is a lesson for others to pick the eyeshadow color that suits you!

New Beach look

It was a nice picture until she realized there was a guy photobombing and disguised as her top knot. Seems very irritating, when you click a nice picture but it gets ruined by the photobombers. it really ruins the mood and also a potentially good selfie.

Is there a trainer around?

How did she manage to get that flexible? she herself is shocked about this new position she has managed to do. Or maybe just assume this is photoshop, only then it is believable. Otherwise, she has a real problematic body, she needs a desperate help. Photoshop can ruin lives, lol!

An awesome sunset view

Well, we might think it is a perfect sunset painting but in fact, it is a mirror placed in the perfect direction. Although you might think it is hard to do so, It is actually very easy. You just need to find the right angle. Not to forget the photography angles, too.

A view from the inside of a pool

I hope no one dives in this pool. This is an illusion you should definitely be sca@@red of. It’s very creative but if you are planning to dive into this massive water body, you should definitely prevent this. The idea itself is h@@@unt11ng.

He hates the baby!

Okay, while I was afraid of the baby is at risk it is just a toy that the person is playing around with! This is such a bad example of how to take care of your baby! This is actually an example of what you should not do with a baby!

Earth’s dummy is greener than the earth itself.

This seems like a big globe in the middle of the road but in reality, it is an optical illusion in Paris. So much creativity in the park. I wonder who came up with this. You need to be really brilliant to come up with this.

Ironing stand or a slug?

A peaceful option if you are not afraid of slugs. Seems appropriate, right? I would abandon my whole room if I have this in my room. I know, it is too much melodrama, but this is really sc@@ry for me.

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