13+ people who are too clever to ever have a difficult life

Throughout life, people come across things that can make things more difficult. Fortunately for most, they are resourceful enough to find a solution to the problem. Some people, however, go further, proposing ingenious hacks that we all wish we had thought of first.
This can range from workarounds to easy solutions for common problems. Most often, these hacks and ideas are designed to make life a little easier, sometimes with hilarious results. And no matter who the person is, whether they’ve been in the neighborhood once or twice, or they’re just starting their lives, anyone can come up with an idea that works.

So if you are looking for a solution to a problem you have, here are some potential life savers of people who are too smart for their own good.

Phone Video Hack

This guy has the right idea. He turned his charger plug into an ingenious way to watch videos on his hands-free phone. No more trouble in class, but I don’t know how the teacher will react if she catches him on his phone. Let’s hope he doesn’t get caught.

Makeup On Point

What should a person do if their makeup is great, but they need to wash their hair? Of course, wear a pair of swimming glasses. This allows you to wash your hair while keeping your makeup dry.

Cereal box/bowl

Although I do not recommend eating so much cereal in one sitting, it is a great idea if you do not have a bowl. I hope you have a spoon. Even if you didn’t, I’m sure that MacGyver could prepare something for you to use.

Salted caramel

Harsh words, but true nonetheless. This is even more true if you cry a lot and your tears flow into your mouth as you eat said caramel. Maybe it’s not the most beautiful picture, but hey, it works if you feel like salted caramel after a bad day.

Travel to Vegas

This idea is all good and dandy until his father checks the camera when he’s supposed to be dark. Certainly, if the kid contains his trips during the day, he should be fine. I bet he forgot everything and was taken.

Bath time

Well, here’s an ingenious way to keep your dog calm when bathing. Now all the dog owner has to do is clean the wall of the tub. Although this idea might work to keep his dog calm, it seems to create more work in the process.

Household utensils

This person did not have spoons or forks, so she arranged with the closest thing at hand, a plastic hanger. Too bad they had to ruin a perfectly good hanger, but a hungry person does what they must.

Bad things

I honestly have no idea what this person is talking about. If you don’t know, Sheherazade was the storyteller in Thousand and One Nights. I don’t think that person would have done well with the sultan, because he would have been tired of hearing such bad things.

3017-Level Macking

While he was at the club, a guy handed his card to that girl. By scanning the QR code, his phone gave access to all his social media accounts. Let’s talk about a next level of number exchange.

How to better hide your valuables

The next time you need to hide your valuables, do like this person and hide them in a clean layer. Chances are potential thieves won’t even think about looking there. You need to be careful and make sure that the maid service does not throw it away during the trip.

Straight out of the bottle

Straight out of the “I am Pretty Sure This has Already Been Done” folder, there is a water bottle lid on a wine bottle. Believe me, wine lovers everywhere have been looking for easier ways to drink the wine they have loved for centuries. Chances are someone’s already discovered this hack.

Easy Peasy

This person found an easy way to make a simple cheese snack. Take a Babybel cheese, cut it in half and sprinkle it with grated mozzarella or another cheese of your choice. This gives you a delicious small snack to eat between meals. Better yet, it is healthy for you.

McDonald Remix

The inventive person is always looking for ways to improve his daily life. Take this genius for example, they took two simple McDonald’s snacks and turned them into a delicious blend of flavours. I have to try now!

Find a seat

Although crude to say the least, this person seems to have found the perfect way to get a seat on a crowded subway train. Just fall down like there’s something wrong with you, and when everyone gets up to get away from you, take an empty seat now

Iced tea

Here’s an innovative way to cool your tea, ice cubes made with iced tea. As the poster says, this is the perfect way to keep your iced tea from getting diluted. Tea lovers rejoice everywhere!

Hug Inducer

What a loving and caring husband, at least until his wife fell ill, contracted pneumonia and died. But until then, it’s a bit romantic. Again, it could be considered manipulative. Why not ask for a hug, or even give one to his wife first?

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