20 Most Cringey Things People Encountered At Weddings

Weddings are special days in everyone’s lives, therefore it’s understandable that people want everything to be absolutely perfect. However, some people have a different definition of the word “perfect” – which sometimes leads to weird and ugly scenarios in weddings.

There is a subreddit dedicated to ‘All Things Trashy’  and many people have posted stories and pictures of some trashy weddings in this online group. Check out some of the cringiest wedding moments in the gallery below.

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#1 Wearing This Dress To A Wedding

Image source: Lesland

#2 From A Bridal Facebook Group: Praying With All The Single Women Find A Man

Image source: nydixie

“At our nephews wedding today. The bride offered a special gesture… Instead of throwing a bouquet toall the single girls, she took apart her bouquet and handed each girl a flower and prayed with each girl, to wait on the man that God has for them”

#3 The Groom Took His Laptop To His Wedding To Play A Game On His Computer

Image source: thechicken-andtheegg

#4 Imagine Having Your Wedding In A National Forest, Then Vandalizing Said Forest

Image source: abortionlasagna

#5 Bride Ties Her 1 Month Baby To The Back Of Her Wedding Dress

Image source:

#6 Bride Cancels Wedding Because Her Guests Didn’t “Donate” $1500 Each To Fund Her Wedding

Image source: Rockytop555

#7 Thought This Was The Bride And Groom At First – Nope. Father And Stepmother Of The Bride, Wearing A White-Ish, Beaded Gown With A Train

Image source: Luallone

#8 Did Bud Light Sponsor The Wedding?

Image source: Anotheraccount97668

#9 This Wedding Photo

Image source: Us3ful_Idiot

#10 This Wedding Invite

Image source: erdeimatekristof

#11 I Don’t Care What Your Political Views Are, This Is Stupid As Hell For A Wedding Cake

Image source: The_Red_Roman

#12 This Whole Situation

Image source: Palifaith

#13 Weddings Are Fun

Image source: Waggly97

#14 We Sent You This Card So Send Us Money

Image source: sar0025

#15 Wedding Photoshoot Idea: The Groom And The Bridesmaids…

Image source: Queenie739

#16 Seen This Wedding Photo On Fb

Image source: lolo795

#17 Eggs

Image source: TH2828

#18 These Bizarre Wedding Vowels …

Image source: snpods

“The grooms vowels from the wedding of a family friend. We are genuinely concerned for her safety”

#19 Inviting 20 Extra People To A Wedding

Image source: entomofile

#20 Ran Across This On A Wedding Shaming Site And It Belongs Here

Image source: NeverCallMeFifi

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