20 Of The Most Hilarious Problems That Only Pale People Will Understand

For a change let’s talk about white fair skinned people here. Every fair skinned identifies very much with the word “tan”. But even when you do try and get one, invariably, it doesn’t turn out like you expected. Being a paleface is also a big struggle and sometimes a bit irritating and even stressful. This may sound surprising but that’s reality and these 20 problems faced by white skinned people from a humorous perspective will prove exactly that.

1.Did you spot her??

Nice change from depicting a dark skinned person in a dark room isn’t it? She’s so white; you can’t even see her in broad daylight. In fact if the picture is so deceiving, she will definitely get someone treading on her in reality too. Light humor intended.

Did you spot her??

2.It would be nicer

If my teeth were as white as my legs is what this message is saying. Imagine the plight of fair skinned whiter than white people who when smiling show color in their teeth but not on their body.

It would be nicer

3.And the Tan problem

When a white skinned person says they got a tan, that’s exactly what they got because any amount of sun will definitely color them a shaded darker than their own body which might end up weird if not done properly.

And the Tan problem

4.A spoiled moment

High expectations for a white skinned who thinks that a moment in the sun will give a nice tan. Unfortunately if you wear sunglasses you could be fooled into believing so.

A spoiled moment

5.Mutant feet

That’s what happens when you are whiter than white. You even end up affecting the white balance of your photos. Your feet look like they have suddenly got a vampire type glow in the dark ability too.

Mutant feet

6.How white skinned people can be described

Well the following phrases below sum up a white skinned person perfectly and don’t say OMG but that’s what it looks like. These would be the perfect makeup colors for white people.

“Anemia Forever”

“Are You Getting Enough Sun”?

“Not Quite Dead Yet”

“Recently Deceased”

How white skinned people can be described

7.Casper or the lobster?

Got it? This is one perennial problem faced by white skinned people, remain white like a ghost or risk getting tanned red like a lobster. Invariably being tanned means also the chance of being burnt red.

Casper or the lobster?

8.Be yourself

When society laughs at you, snub your nose at them and be like this guy. Just be yourself which is why as a white skinned person, this would be a perfect hat to wear in the sun.

Be yourself

9.What’s wrong with being different?

This is a perfect representation how everybody gets a tan in comparison to how a white person gets one. It’s hardly noticeable which is why it’s easy to stand out in a crowd.

What’s wrong with being different?

10.The struggle is real

It can get weird sometimes when even your friends think you’re sick or anemic because your face is so white that it looks like you have no blood circulation at all. This is one of the weird situations that white and pale people find themselves in.

The struggle is real

11.Do these colors exist?

This is the biggest problem with white skinned people who need clothes with colors in complete contrast to their whiteness of their skin but does any color white than white even exist?

Do these colors exist?

12.When you blend in

When you’re so pale that you blend into the background on your license card then it means you are truly white. Now this is definitely a big problem many white skinned people face and wonder what happens when a cop takes a look at it.

When you blend in

13.You at the beach

The biggest problem with white skinned people is that when you go to the beach you really have to be careful as your skin offers no natural protection against sun and this shows how many do get sunburn and that can be nasty.

You at the beach

14.Dreadful than pennywise?

When you try on that lovely bright red color lipstick you always wanted but your skin is so white that it stands out too much. You end up looking like a nicer version of pennywise actually.

Dreadful than pennywise?

15.The same mistake

This is one of the worst problems with white skin people who get so used to their color that they sometimes forget how their skin needs special attention when going out in the sun. Use a good sunscreen.

The same mistake

16.Even people can’t believe

When you are so white that your friends also looking at your photos can’t believe that you haven’t got on some tights or stockings of some kind. Instead it’s your natural skin.

Even people can’t believe

17.A lighter shade of pale

Here’s another problem when you want to by a lighter shade of rouge or blush on and can’t even find something to match your skin. The whitest shade is darker than your skin, infuriating isn’t it?

A lighter shade of pale

19.Selfie spoils

Being white makes you spoil your own selfie especially when you take it for granted that you need to use the flash and end up getting your photo featuring a white burn. Your face is all washed out. Use your exposure settings.

Selfie spoils

20.A white person with a sense of humor

Regardless of you being white, black or brown, this is the mindset you should adopt and take it all in stride. This shows that whiter than white people do have a sense of humor and that’s the way it should be.

A white person with a sense of humor

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