Things That Makes A Woman More Attractive

Women are the most attractive and beautiful creators of god. But, have you ever think what makes you get attracted to the other person?. We may say it is their facial features, mannerism, attitude, physical build,  and behaviors. Scientific tests are made to know the basic questions about judgments we make in the first few moments of meeting a potential partner. Here are some scientific facts what makes a woman more attractive for a man.

Blue eyes, yes women with beautiful blue eyes are more attracted by men all over the world.

Men like women who wear minimal to moderate makeup rather than a heavy touch up

Men between 25 to 30 years usually attracted to women between 23 to 26 years

Women with perfect waist and hip ratio are followed more by men

Men prefer to talk to women with more of feminine voice like Marilyn Monroe



You need not have long legs, but men more prefer perfect legs

When it comes to height, obviously taller men prefer shorter women, and shorter men love to date women with the same height or taller


Men more attract women with amazing limbal rings


Women with well-maintained hair look more attractive than women with untidy hair


You need not be a Wonder Woman, but if you are a little adventurous, then men will sure follow you

Men always prefer women who are expressive and open-minded for a date


Men usually don’t like a woman who loses her control and starts a fight, and they still prefer women who are calm under fire, who instead of fighting rolls her eyes and gives a look and explains everything


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