Defecationism – Funny Pictures That Perfectly by Francesco Palermo

The Useless Revolution. The not-beautiful, the concept of “why?” applied to the work. The incoherent and creative paradoxical, which finds meaning that is not universal, but subjective — if it has one. This is the manifesto of the non-existent pseudo-current called Defecationism, by a guy named Francesco Palermo.

According to Francesco, from Sicily, Italy, “generating ideas is a natural, physiological thing, almost like shitting. Like turning around to look at your own excr@@ement after defecating it. Good or bad, the thing does not provide for aesthetic beauty. It’s not important.
Unaesthetic, public, apparently banal and stupid artistic counterculture. No social or ideological battle. The total cancellation of the distances between the artist and the beholder. No elite, within everyone’s reach. Against any paradox of single thought.”

All you need is Egg
My Cose
“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”
.1 Murphy’s law
What does it matter if you dreamed of Puertorico? (Germany can wait)
Puddles Water
Madonna del Parto
Buongiornissimo Kaffè pt.III
Christmas Toothpaste
Farfalline Hunt
Italian Hurricane
Plan B

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