30 Comparison Photos That Will Give You A Different Perspective On Things (New Pics)

Netizens have been sharing lots of astonishing “comparison photos” these days. When two photographs are compared, they can say different things about the same person, or they can also reflect how things change with time. Sometimes the true size of a certain object is revealed when compared to something smaller or bigger than the object itself. Most of the comparison photos are simple yet very fascinating.

We often don’t realize how different two things are- until we compare them side-by-side. From amazing before-and-after transformations to athletes of different heights standing next to each other, here are 30 amazing comparison pictures that will give you a whole new perspective on things.

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#1 An Obstetrical Nurse, At The Start (1979) And End (2021) Of Her Career

Image source: nankie


#2 Growing Up Together

Image source:

#3 Depressed And Suicidal To Cheerful And Healthy (1 Year Difference)

Image source: NEDudcat603

#4 Before And After Adoption

Image source: ChiefWolfy

#5 Before And After Cleft Lip Surgery

Image source: ClashIdeas

#6 1.5 Years Post Open-Heart Surgery

Image source: StarksTwins

#7 How 2021 Started vs. How It’s Going

Image source: myanusisbleeding1991

#8 Dad And Daughter Draws Each Other

Image source: bisualvoy

#9 One Year After Blood Transfusion

Image source: Paradoxial85

#10 Turning Vitiligo Into An Art

Image source:

#11 Turned 1 This Week

Image source: RastaDonut

#12 Guess Who Is The Weird One?

Image source: superbialm

#13 Lithuanian Statehood Day Aka Mindaugas Coronation Day, Lithuanian Army Shared This

Image source: kariuomene

#14 Men’s Beach-Handball Teams Uniform vs. The Women’s Uniform

Image source: Niclas Dovsjö

#15 S21 Ultra In My Wife’s Jeans vs. My 18-Month-Old Son’s Joggers

Image source: ben_j_davis

#16 Find The Odd One Out

Image source: Perfectenschlag_

#17 After Cutting 3 Years Hair Growth

Image source: GoofyGooberBoi

#18 1977 Triumph Spitfire Next To A Couple Of Fords

Image source: ofurdadi

#19 Women’s USA Basketball Team vs. El Salvador

Image source: LunchroomRumble

#20 2019 vs. 2021

Image source: daantjhuu

#21 A Massive Bald Eagle Feather

Image source: Gone333

#22 Tiny Banana

Image source: ArnoldHarold

#23 Inherited Grandma’s Sewing Supplies, Bought The Exact Same Buttons That She Did Over 35 Years Ago

Image source: Glitter_Plague

#24 Mother And Daughter 2000/2021

Image source: ThenemeY27

#25 14 Years Later

Image source: NYGroove

#26 Sprinkles In An Icecream Shop

Image source: dylanciaga

#27 Size Difference Between Volleyball Player vs. Gymnast

Image source: Simone_Biles

#28 Giant Dandelion

Image source: blood_omen

#29 Sunscreen Through A UV Camera

Image source: Blubbpaule

#30 A Twig Vs A Moth Larva

Image source: A_sparagus

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