80-year-old woman does yearly 600-mile trek with her pony and dog

Horse Diamond and Jane have been traveling miles together for decades. Specifically, since 1972, they have been traveling together every year.

Katielee Arrowsmith/SWNN

From Hexham where he normally lives to Inverness in Scotland, it’s an amazing route that Jane Dotchin walks every year.

This time the journey began at the end of the eighth month, on the 31st day to be precise. Next to her was her Jack Russell Dinky, who was disabled.

Things she can’t do without, Jane carries on her back. It is mostly something to eat, necessary things for sleeping and other things.

Jane will try to do this for as long as she can. It’s amazing that she has an eye patch, but she still doesn’t give up.

All this love she has for walking around the world began about 40 years ago while she was exploring West County.

As Jane said, her mother always loved to guard all of her ponies except Halfinger’s stallion. So she decided to go with him to Somerset to visit a friend. The distance between them was about 300 miles. Although it was really hard for her, it was nice for her.

Because of that trip, she wanted to go to her friends in Highland whenever autumn arrives.

This trip takes about 50 days on average if the weather is not bad, and this woman comes to greet acquaintances from all the past years.

Her food is not always the same, but often it is oatmeal cakes, porridge or cheese. She always carries a phone with her that stays alive for about 40 days due to a good battery.

Dotchin doesn’t want to go through wet rain. There are always more paths he can take, but it all depends on what time allows. She avoids hills when the weather is not good and maps are not a problem for her. He simply sticks to his plan and those paths he really knows.

Dinky has problems with her front legs, which is why he goes to the saddlebag, and at night he enjoys beautiful moments with Jane.

Many happy, but also some unfortunate situations befell this lady. In Cumbernauld, UK, good people have given her the opportunity to camp, while also, she says, there are some really bad people.

No matter what, Jane persists in her intentions and that makes her happy.

Whatever happens, she enjoys it and she is not bored.

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